McConnell Scholars Program

The McConnell Scholars Program is a prestigious leadership and scholarship program at the University of Louisville open to graduating Kentucky high school seniors with a strong demonstrated record of leadership, scholarship, and service. Around ten students (one cohort) are added each year with a maximum of 40 McConnell Scholars (four cohorts) in the program at one time.

McConnell Scholars receive four years of enhanced academic experiences outside of the traditional classroom under the direction of Gary L. Gregg, PhD. Programming focuses on the foundations of leadership and political and social thought in America. General opportunities include participating in Socratic-style seminars with UofL faculty and nationally-recognized experts, authors, and leaders on a variety of topics related to American social and political thought. Recent examples includes discussions on dystopian literature, the women's suffrage movement, "America's British Tradition," and the Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates at the American founding.

Program Benefits