Jewish Studies

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Welcome to the University of Louisville Jewish Studies Program!

We host exciting public events and offer courses on global Jewish and related history, religion, literature, arts, culture, and more!

The following courses involve themes and materials relevant to the Jewish experience.  Please check the university’s Schedule of Classes to see which are available next semester.

Additional Jewish Studies courses are planned for the future.

In Humanities:

HUM 309:  A Survey of Jewish Thought and Culture

HUM 311:  The Hebrew Bible

HUM 315:  Alternative Judaisms

HUM 317:  Modern Jewish Thought

HUM 361:  Youth in Jewish Fiction & Film

HUM 362:  Bible as Literature

HUM 387:  The Holocaust, Genocide, and the Global Imagination

HUM 510:  Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion

HUM 514:  Israel/Palestine

HUM 561:  Youth in Jewish Fiction & Film

HUM 596:  Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Spain

HUM 596:  Home and Homeland in the Global Age

In History:

HIST 360:  Modern Jewish History to 1900

HIST 361:  Modern Jewish History: The 20th Century

HIST 512:  The History of Jews in America


Information on our upcoming events will be posted soon.  For the latest news, follow us on Facebook!


For questions or more information about Jewish Studies at the University of Louisville, please contact Professor Ranen Omer-Sherman