Jewish Studies

The University of Louisville is the only university in the state of Kentucky to offer both modern and Biblical Hebrew. Housed in the Division of Humanities, the Jewish Studies Program offers a minor in Jewish Studies.  For more information, or if you have questions, contact Dr. Natalie Polzer .

Required core courses - 6 credits
HUM 309 - A Survey of Jewish Thought and Culture
HUM 510 - Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion
Elective Courses - 12 credits
In Humanities:
HUM 311 - The Hebrew Bible
HUM 315 - Alternative Judaisms
HUM 317 - Modern Jewish Thought
HUM 318 - Judaism and Other Civilizations
HUM 387 - The Holocaust
In History:
HIST 360 - Modern Jewish History to 1900
HIST 361 - Modern Jewish History - The 20th Century
HIST 512 - The History of Jews in America
In Hebrew Language:
HEBR 101- Introductory Modern Hebrew I
HEBR 102- Introductory Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 201 - Intermediate Modern Hebrew I
HEBR 202 - Intermediate Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 301 - Reading Biblical Hebrew I
HEBR 302 - Reading Biblical Hebrew II