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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Scott Maymon Q&A

Name: Scott Maymon, ND, MPHScott Maymon

Graduation Date: 2010

Degree: Master Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

Reflection on earning a public health degree from SPHIS

Dr. Maymon has always had a passion for helping others and an interest in healthcare. He said as he matured and further educated himself, he found his two interests merging, which made the MPH program the perfect fit for him.

He said, “Once I started at SPHIS I wanted to get involved as much as possible. My goal was to expand my outlook on the numerous possibilities an MPH offers and narrow down what a good fit was for me. I worked part-time at The House of Ruth in Louisville as a counselor and later was promoted to become a case manager. I did my internship as a wellness consultant and my practicum as a wellness program evaluator at Humana to gain experience in the private sector. I volunteered at UofL Hospital as a research assistant to gain academic exposure to public health. Some might say I spread myself thin, but I value the experience I gained, which ultimately guided me to my career path today.”

Dr. Maymon continued by adding, “The SPHIS program broadened my perspective on population health and at the same time helped me zoom in to the level of individual healthcare. It also helped me focus my vision on healthcare and enabled me to hone in on my true calling to pursue naturopathic medical school.”

Dr. Maymon's professional experience

After graduating from SPHIS, he moved to Arizona to attend Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he graduated in 2015 with his Doctorate of Naturopathic MedicineCurrently, he and his wife, Dr. Sarah Stone, own their own business, Pure Body Health, which they started in 2015. Their goal is to ensure optimal health for their patients. A major part is educating and empowering patients on how to achieve their best health.

When asked to describe a typical work day, he said, “I see patients at our clinic Monday through Friday. We offer many services and individualized care to each patient based on his/her needs." Their services include: nutritional counseling, physical manipulation, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, IM or IV nutrient therapies, botanical medicine, regenerative injections to restore joint health for damaged joints, oxygen therapies, sports medicine, environmental medicine, hydrotherapy, neuro-emotional technique (NET)/mind-body counseling, and homeopathy.

Additionally, Dr. Maymon works with another clinic that provides care to the lower socioeconomic status population in Apache Junction, AZ. He also teaches at the local college, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He teaches courses such as physical medicine for joint manipulation, applied kinesiology, and a clinical skills lab.

Advice to students

“Follow your true passions in life. If you are not sure what those are, then keep searching! You should love what you do!”

“Get as much exposure during the program as you can to further explore what you want to do with your degree. Get involved in the community and arrange meetings with the SPHIS professors about opportunities. There are so many options. Keep an open mind and explore!”

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