Heywood M Petry, PhD

Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Director of the Grawemeyer Award in Psychology

Portrait of Woody Petry

Life Sciences Building, 316

(502) 852-6031

(502) 852-8904



  • B.A. (1974) Bates College, Lewiston ME
  • M.A. (1976) Connecticut College, New London CT
  • Ph.D. (1980) Brown University, Providence RI
  • Post-Doctoral fellow (1980-1982) Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
  • Post-doctoral fellow (1982-1984) Brown University, Providence  RI

Courses often taught


  • PSYC 344 "Physiological Psychology"
  • PSYC 414 "Sleep, Dreaming and Biological Rhythms"
  • HON / PSYC "Great Ideas in Psychology: The Grawemeyer Awards"


  • PSYC 635 "Sensory Neuroscience"
  • PSYC 642 "Behavioral Neuroscience"

Research Interests

Two common themes of my research have been: 1) basic brain mechanisms of vision, and 2) the influence of the post-natal environment on the development and plasticity of these mechanisms. My approach has been to use a wide variety of complementary research methodologies to address specific research questions at neural levels ranging from molecular and cellular to neural systems and behavior. Over recent years my collaborators and have employed optogenetics, in-vivo optical imaging, immunocytochemistry, single-cell electrophysiology, evoked potentials (ERG, VEP), neuroanatomical tract-tracing, molecular biology, microspectrophotometry and visual psychophysics techniques. The variety of research methods in my lab has allowed undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to acquire first-hand exposure and technical skills in several areas of basic neuroscience and bio-medical research.

Recent research examined 1) the role of the pulvinar nucleus (the largest subdivision of the thalamus) in neural coding of visual movement and attention, and 2) the impact of a restricted spectral environment during early development on the visual system and adult visual function.  Collaborations have extended to the neural mechanisms of taste in the tree shrew.  More information is available on my laboratory website. The selected publications listed below were chosen to highlight recent projects, as well as to provide a sampling of the breadth of research problems addressed and methodologies used throughout my career to date.

NOTE:  I will not be taking new graduate students for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Selected Publications


Dittmer AE, Garrett SR, Payne RA, Satterwhite M, Petry HM. (Eds.)  (2008) The Power of Ideas: Volume II. Louisville, KY: Butler Books.

Dittmer AE, Satterwhite M, Petry HM, Ziegler CE, et al.  (Eds.) (2015) The Legacy of the Grawemeyer Awards. Louisville, KY: Butler Books.


Petry, H.M. (2008)  The Grawemeyer Awards in Psychology.  In The Power of Ideas:  Volume II, AE Dittmer, SR Garrett, RA Payne, M Satterwhite and HM Petry.  Louisville KY: Butler Books, pp 210-251.

Petry, HM. (2015)  Introduction: The Grawemeyer Award in Psychology.  In Dittmer AE, Satterwhite M, Petry HM, Ziegler CE, et al. (Eds.), The Legacy of the Grawemeyer Awards.  Louisville, KY: Butler Books, pp. 177-180.


Petry HM (producer); Peak M (director) (2017) Mysteries of Human Memory: A Grawemeyer Awards 30th Anniversary Event. Broadcast on Kentucky Educational Television (KET)  January 2017. 


* Denotes graduate student or post-doc.

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