Barbara Stetson, PhD

Barbara Stetson, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director, Health Behavior Change Research Program

Research Interest

Dr. Stetson's research focuses on health-related behavior change in adults, with an emphasis on psychological aspects of living with chronic disease, self-care behaviors, and promotion of functional status and quality of life. Of particular interest is diabetes self-care. Recent projects include cognitive-behavioral aspects of adherence to diabetes care guidelines, study of depressive symptomatology, self-care and health outcomes in diabetes, and behavioral intervention to optimize self-care and coping in diabetes. A related research area is physical activity adoption and maintenance and functional status and well-being. Studies include evaluation of a theoretical model of exercise relapse, assessment and intervention studies aimed at activity barriers and functional status in low-income and older women, and psychosocial influences on health outcomes and functioning in chronically ill minority and older adults. An associated area of work is the evaluation of evidence-based approaches to teaching health care providers optimal strategies to promote behavior change.

Courses Taught


  • Psyc 325 - Health Psychology
  • Psyc 201 Introduction to Psychology



  • Psyc 687 - History of Psychology and Social Behavior Research: Implications for Contemporary Psychology and Cultural Diversity
  • Psyc 693 - Clinical Interviewing Skills Practicum