Additional Payments

In order to request an additional payment for an employee, you will need the following information:

  • Position data for budget
  • Funding
  • Parent/child link
  • Job Code

The position must be budgeted, funded, and active during the full payment period of the additional payment. Additional Payment forms will not be processed if the position is not budgeted & funded, if no parent/child link exists for the Additional Pay position with a head count greater than one, and a job code error or mismatch exists. If you need a new X-Pay or X-Ben position, please submit a Position Authorization Request Form.

Please be aware of the following requirements and restrictions of Additional Payments:

  • May not be used as any form of bonus or performance based compensation
  • Not permitted for terminated or retired staff
  • Not permitted for students and temporary employees
  • Additional pays for Graduate Assistants must have prior approval by the Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary & Graduate Studies (SIGS)*
  • Additional Pay Forms must be re-submitted each new fiscal year.

Types of Additional Payments:

X-Pay: Paid for the assumption of additional duties on a time-limited, short term basis, usually 12 months or less.

X-Ben: Paid in addition to the regular salary and is included in calculations for retirement or other benefits.

If the intent is for the position to perform additional duties for more than 12 months but within a project term with an end date, then a supplemental payment should be established instead.

*Additional Payments to Graduate Assistants (GA’s)

  • Must be approved by the Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary & Graduate Studies
  • Because GA’s can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week, for any additional duties, a “GA 20-hour Waiver” form must be approved and submitted by the respective Department Chair/Head via the School of Interdisciplinary & Graduate Studies website and approved by the Dean of SIGS
  • F1 Visa holders cannot work more than 20 hours per week, so they are not eligible for additional payments
  • Departments will be notified by SIGS when the GA is approved to begin the additional duties

Additional Payments (X-Pay & X-Ben)