Undergraduate Programs

The Philosophy Major

Philosophy majors are critically reflecting on the traditions we inherit, the values we embody, our efforts to understand ourselves and the world we live in, and the elements of a good life. They are rigorously questioning, and working to improve, the social institutions we inhabit and the methods we use to understand and evaluate those institutions. Philosophy majors are humanizing the life sciences: understanding their goals, respecting their patients, assessing their methods.

After graduating, Philosophy alumni are winning prestigious scholarships like the Rhodes and the Truman. They are surging into graduate and professional schools in Law, Medicine, Philosophy, and beyond. They are arguing cases before the US Supreme Court, teaching the next generation, and advocating for the disadvantaged. Philosophy alumni are entrepreneurs and employees whose integrity and critical thinking skills earn the trust and respect of colleagues and competitors.

Choose from these major concentrations:

Philosophy Major with concentration in Humanities

Philosophy Major with concentration in Natural Sciences

Philosophy Major with concentration in Social Sciences

Philosophy Major with concentration in Bioethics


The Ethics Certificate

The certificate in ethics prepares students for ethical leadership roles in whatever field they enter. The program will train students in modes of ethical reasoning and in how to apply their ethical reasoning skills in the workplace and in daily life. The certificate provides graduates with a credential indicating their preparation for ethics compliance and other modes of demonstrating ethical practice in the professions. The program is also of benefit to students with personal and/or intellectual interests in the study of ethics and moral reasoning. 

The Philosophy Minor

Philosophy minors complement their major with the distinctive essential skills of Philosophy: skills like rigorous critical thinking, careful reading of historical and contemporary texts, and clear persuasive writing, as well as reflection on the methodological underpinnings of your discipline. And PP&E minors  approach difficult questions about social practices and institutions in ways that rigorously combine the insights of political science, economics, and philosophy, enriching each discipline by exposing it to the others and throwing some of its underlying assumptions into question.

Minor Programs:

Philosophy Minor

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Minor


NEW: Health Justice Fridays: One Day, One Credit

A series of one-day, one-credit classes offered on the Health Sciences Campus. Open to undergraduates and graduates. Classes count toward your degree.

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