Philosophy Faculty Favorite Nominees

Faculty Favorite Nominees (2017-2018)

Barnes —an amazing teacher, he is open-minded to all students' ideas and concepts, and is fun to learn from!

Cantrell — She made her course this semester more than enjoyable, and I learned a lot that I can take out of class. She was always available outside of class and made her class super interesting.

Chung – She makes the class really fun and teaches in a way that is very easy to understand.

Dove – He is so energetic and involved in his teaching.  I’m extremely excited for his new book to be published.  He really made me feel excited about philosophy and confident in my ability to apply myself to the subject. 

Elpidorou – Professor Elpidorou is very helpful, and his lectures are interesting and enjoyable.  Walking away from this course, I feel I’ve learned so much.  He is inspiring to every student who walks through his door; he grants him/her with the boundless freedom of thinking in more ways than one and gradually figuring out out own perspectives of the world.  He encourages discussion, disagreement, even, and makes it clear that as long as you can make an argument for your view it is all but rightfully yours.  He is a light to all his students.

Hanson – Professor Hanson’s medical ethics class was an amazing class itself and Professor Hanson taught it so well.  He challenges you to really learn and encouraged discussions in the classroom that really played a huge role in our learning.  I would like to recognize Professor Hanson because he and his class really made an impact on the student I am today.

Johnson – Professor Johnson’s way of teaching made me listen and love attending class!  He really wants his students to understand the material and strives to achieve it any way possible.

Kolers - Very knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely interested in his students and field.

Shields – Dr. Shields was the most caring professor and went above and beyond to give me chance  His calls is not a walk in the park, but Dr. Shields truly cares about every student.  He knows our names and will always stay after class if we need help.  He pushes the students to critically think and think in ways most of us  never have before.  I for one am so thankful I had him this semester.  Not only is he caring, his knowledge is impeccable, and he deserves a lot of recognition for his commitment to higher learning and to his students.

Urekew — He generally cares for the success of his students. He made me feel comfortable in a new setting and really makes learning fun. He engages the class instead of just lecturing, and he encourages his whole class to do their best. He is just an amazing person and an even better professor!