Why study philosophy?

Useful resources on the value of the liberal arts and pursuing a philosophy major.

Philosophy is a great major.

Click the above link for an excellent web resource on the value of the Philosophy major for career readiness, employment prospects, and other benefits, as well as reflections on the intrinsic value of the study of Philosophy.

What is Philosophy

Philosophy is methodical inquiry into the nature, purpose, meaning, and value of human life, action, and institutions. The UofL Philosophy Department has particular strength in applied philosophical inquiry, where the tools of Philosophy inform and are informed by the arts and humanities, the natural and social sciences, and community-engaged research.

Career Opportunities

Because the study of Philosophy develops high-level analytical and communications skills, many different types of employers are interested in hiring philosophy majors. In addition to preparing students for professional schools and graduate study, the major provides a foundation for careers in fields such as medicine, business, teaching, civil service, and law. The University Career Center provides access to the "What Can I Do with this Major?" tool, which may help you envision career paths with a Philosophy major or minor. Also check out these Career Resources from the American Philosophical Association.

Articles on the Value of a Philosophy Degree