Alumni Perspectives

Alexis Ecarma, Class of 2022


"The Philosophy Department at the University of Louisville has provided me with a myriad of opportunities to learn, grow, discover, and engage with my fellow students, professors, and the community at large. I owe much of my present career ambitions to my internship at Russell Immigration Law Firm which I completed through the Philosophy internship. Through my experience as a legal intern, I was able to apply the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills developed through my Philosophy coursework to do meaningful work that directly contributed to the successful outcomes of cases. The Thomas S. Maloney scholarship was equally beneficial, funding a significant portion of my semester abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico with an experiential learning program designed to educate me in the areas of migration, border control, and transnational communities. If not for the support, guidance, and generosity of the Philosophy department, I would not have been granted such a rich and invigorating undergraduate experience. I am truly grateful for the bright intellects and inspiring scholars whom I can call peers, mentors, and friends in Philosophy. I sincerely hope that many more students after me will choose to delve into the same intriguing, challenging, and rewarding work of philosophical inquiry."


Jeremy Jackson, B.A. 2019

"One of the most enthralling aspects of the Philosophy Department was its drive to cultivate a genuine community of inquiry between faculty, staff, and students. My time in this community challenged me to interpret my experience and its foundations with greater critical awareness, care, and creativity. I believe that developing the ability to honestly and fairly critique arguments and ideas (particularly my own) has set the stage for me to more confidently struggle toward wisdom and, subsequently, responsible freedom. While on campus I found that much of what I had learned in my philosophy courses provided the necessary theoretical component for the praxis of peacebuilding. Following graduation, I attempted to merge the conceptual knowledge from my classes with the practical knowledge from conflict transformation training and haul them into the wild and wonderful world of early childhood education with Jefferson County Public Schools. After two exciting and meaningful years of instructional assistance, I began working as a senior case manager with Volunteers of America’s Restorative Justice Program. Additionally, I have the privilege of working as an outreach coordinator and group facilitator on a YMCA youth program designed to build relationships, develop positive self-regard, cultivate community leadership, and promote justice around immigration through political and cultural discourse. When I encounter personal turbulence, I am frequently able to find inner peace by reflecting not only on the ideas explored in world philosophy, but on the purpose I am fortunate enough to find in my work and life. It has become increasingly clear to me that philosophy is more than the art of thinking; as others have said before me, it is the art of living well. Despite frequent stumbles, I attempt to embody the skills and perspectives I have picked up over the years. I would not have been in this position without the crucial conversations I shared with mentors and friends in the classrooms, hallways, and offices of the Philosophy Department. I am very thankful for those experiences!"

Salah Mekhalalati, B.A. 2019

"Studying philosophy at the University of Louisville provided me with an adept competency to critically engage with all kinds of significant discussions. With the amazing talent of the faculty, I gained the invaluable ability to articulate, evaluate, and interpret many of the paramount questions that we have. Philosophy has helped me more than I could ever have hoped for my professional and personal life, as I have come to easily express my thoughts with astute clarity. I will always remember UofL as the place where I came to grow as a student and grasp the fundamentals skills to develop as a crucial component to our world as I progress through my academic career in graduate school for philosophy!"

In Fall 2019, Salah will be joining the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria where he will pursue graduate work (MA) with full funding *