Health Care Ethics Speaker Series videos

Dr. John Gibson

"Love Among the Ruins" (a Zoom theatre production of Plato's Symposium featuring Dr. Gibson)

"Criticism in Society" (Dr. Gibson conducts and interview at a public event in Sweden) 


Dr. Asaf Angermann

Is Racial Justice a Jewish Matter? DuBois and Jewish Life
(community talk at The Temple)

Andreas Elpidorou

Dr. Andreas Elpidorou

The Benefits of Boredom
Creative Mornings Louisville

The Good of Boredom
Minds Online Conference


Dr. Lauren Freeman

Gender, Race, Identity, and Culture in Medicine”
(presentation to 2nd year Med Students)

Microaggressions in Medicine
(2021 Health Care Ethics Virtual Speakers Series)

LGBTQ+ Microaggressions Experienced in Healthcare Settings
LGBTQ Affirming Healthcare Series


Dr. Avery Kolers

Introduction to Health Care Ethics
(presentation to 2nd year Med Students)

"Ethics in Agriculture" (presentation to students in UK course on Climate Change & Agriculture)

Brian Barnes

Dr. Brian Barnes

For Children

Peach and Plum Labs: Critical Thinking for Children


Ecoreps Sustainability Education series for everyone (#3)

Ecoreps Sustainability Education for faculty

Environmental Benefits of Shopping Local and using Farmer’s Markets

UofL Community Composting Project Intro

TEDx Countdown at Bellarmine University
(Brian Barnes runs from 1:08 – 1:22)

Critical Thinking & Martial Arts

Creating in Critical Thinking and Martial Arts Contexts