Is Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training required?

CNA training is a Clinical Compliance requirement. More Information

Can I submit my Clinical Compliance documents electronically, or by mail?

Clinical compliance documents should only be submitted electronically using Castlebranch.

Can I work while enrolled in the program?

Students in the program will be enrolled full-time in coursework during all four semesters of the program. Some students find it challenging to work outside school as they fulfill the classroom and clinical expectations of their courses.

What is the benefit of the accelerated BSN program vs. the traditional BSN Program?

The Accelerated BSN Program allows students who have a previous bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field to complete a BSN within 15 months. Graduates are prepared to take the licensure exam (NCLEX) and enter the workforce in a shorter period of time than completing the traditional BSN Program. Students with a prior bachelor's degree may choose to apply to either program.

Can I enroll in the program part-time?

No, the Second Degree Accelerated BSN is a full-time program of study. Coursework is five days per week during the semester.

What is the application timeline?

The application and supporting materials are due by October 1.

When can I visit?

The School of Nursing hosts several information sessions on our undergraduate and graduate programs.

When does the program begin?

Each year, the program begins in mid-May.

Are students allowed to transfer between Louisville and Owensboro locations?

Once admitted, students may not transfer between locations. For example, if students are admitted to the Louisville program, they must remain in the Louisville program for the duration of the program.