Student Travel

The School of Medicine has limited funds to help defray travel expenses for currently enrolled medical students.  Funding is available on a first-come-first-served basis.  However, the number of awards granted in the fall semester may be limited in order to reserve funds for the spring semester.

All travel requests must be approved in advance by the Student Travel Advisory Committee.  You must complete the attached Request for Travel Funds Application Form  and submit it to the Medical Student Affairs Office at least 30 days in advance of your departure.

If your travel request is approved, once you return from your trip, you must complete the Expense page and return it to the Medical Student Affairs Office within 30 days of your return in order to receive your travel reimbursement.  Along with the Expense page, you must submit all of your original receipts.  Reimbursement usually takes 4-6 weeks from time of the Travel Expense Voucher submission.


  • All requests must be made at least 30 days in advance of your trip. 
  • Medical students may receive funding for one trip per academic year. 
  • First priority will be given to those students in leadership positions (e.g. AMA-KMA, AMSA, AMWA, SNMA) attending an organization regional/national meeting or conference and those students presenting abstracts, posters, or oral presentations at a meeting or conference of a medically related organization.
  • You must include your conference abstract and letter of acceptance to present.
  • Medical students will be eligible to receive up to $400.00 per trip.
  • Three or more students from one group/organization will be eligible to receive no more than $1,200.00 per trip.
  • Funding is for domestic travel only.
  • These funds are not available for Distinction Track students.  Please contact the director(s) of your Distinction Track for funding alternatives.


Download the Request for Travel Funds Application