Stethoscopes for Students

Stethoscopes for Students

The "Stethoscopes for Students" program allows University of Louisville School of Medicine Alumni, Faculty, and Staff to purchase a stethoscope for an incoming medical student.  This stethoscope will be presented to the incoming medical students at their White Coat Ceremony.  When the student opens the stethoscope box, they will find a card with the donors name and contact information.

The "Stethoscopes for Students" program is a great way for the University of Louisville medical community to support the School of Medicine and our current students.  For the Class of 2021, the stethoscope purchased was the MDF ProCardial C3 Cardiology stethoscope.  Watch the video below to learn more about the advances of this stethoscope.

In addition, MDF will donate any and all products they produce to ULSOM Global Health Outreach trips as part of their "Crafting Wellness" program.  In our own city, UofL medical students provide healthcare at various free clinics including the Men's and Women's Healing Places, Family Community Clinic, HOPE Clinic, and many other student-run initiatives.  Students from our medical school travel to Ecuador, Brazil, Tanzania, Thailand, and other parts of the world to provide health services to those less fortunate around the globe.  MDF asks that students leave the donated products at the clinic sites so that the local caregivers and patients in these areas may benefit beyond the stay of our students.  To learn more about MDF's Crafting Wellness program, click here.


To donate to the "Stethoscopes for Students" program, please follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the UofL School of Medicine Online Giving page.
  • Complete all required fields on this page.
  • In the "My gift to the School of Medicine" section:
    • The amount per student is $200.  This covers the cost of the stethoscope, donor cards, shipping, etc.  To purchase a stethoscope for more than one students, please increases the donation in increments of $200.
    • Click the red "Select the fund(s) for your gift" link. This will allow a new screen to pop-up.
    • Under the "School of Medicine Clinical Sciences" section, you will see a check box titled "Medicine".  Click the down arrow in that box.
    • Check "Stethoscopes for Students (G2731)"
  • Complete the remaining form fields.
  • *Please note: as the Class of 2022 only has 161 matriculating students, we cannot guarantee your stethoscope donation will go to a student from the Class of 2022.  Any stethoscope donations not used for the Class of 2022 will be used for the next matriculating class.

If you have questions about making a donation, please contact Nikki Turner at (502) 852-1076.  Questions about the "Stethoscopes for Students" program or the White Coat Ceremony can be directed to Tony Simms at (502) 852-3267.