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Contact Us

Office of Medical Student Affairs [email]


Olivia Mittel, M.D., M.S.

Associate Dean for
Student Affairs

(502) 852-5192


Martin Huecker, M.D.

Assistant Dean for
Student Affairs

(502) 852-5192

D'Neika Anderson

Program Assistant Sr.

(502) 852-5192


Quinn T. Chipley, M.A., M.D, Ph.D.

Coordinator of
HSC Counseling Services

(502) 852-0996

Sherri Gary

Academic Coordinator Senior

(502) 852-6183


Gail Haynes, M.Ed.

Director of
Academic Support

(502) 852-3268

Kim Holsclaw

Residency Match Administrator
Careers in Medicine Liaison 

(502) 852-5501

Angela Horn, Ph.D.

Education Learning Specialist

(502) 852-6139

Leslie Kaelin, M.Ed.

Director of
Medical School Financial Aid

(502) 852-5187

Cynthia Morse, M.Ed.

Financial Aid Advisor, Senior

(502) 852-5187

Missy Klotz

Program Coordinator

(502) 852-5815

Tony Simms, M.P.H

Director of
Student Life & Student Wellness

(502) 852-3267

Mary Jo White, M.Ed.

Director of
Medical Student Affairs

(502) 852-0954