Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available at no charge to currently enrolled students at the Belknap Counseling Center and the Health Sciences Campus (HSC) Counseling Office. 

Belknap Counseling Center 

Although not part of Campus Health Services, the Belknap Counseling Center works closely with our primary care and psychiatric providers.   For more information regarding the Belknap Counseling Center please click here.   

Health Sciences Campus Counseling Office

The Health Sciences Center Counseling Office offers short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and psychological assessment. Students seek support through counseling for a variety of reasons, including psychological, personal/social, academic, and/or career concerns. If you are experiencing any of these concerns and/or would like to connect with a counselor, please call Campus Health Services at 502-852-6446 to set up an appointment. 

These services are offered to students in the following schools and programs:

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Health and Informational Sciences
  • Resident Physicians and Dental Fellows
  • IPIBS/Graduate students on the HSC Campus, including post-doctorate students who are not classified as employees under U of L Human Resources.
  • Students in the audiology program and the speech and language pathology program
The HSC Counseling Office also provides consultation with faculty and staff regarding student concerns, outreach, training, and advocacy to the University of Louisville community.

Important Details

  • Services are FREE for all University of Louisville HSC students. 
  • Access to service is VOLUNTARY. Some administration policies will allow faculty and staff to recommend strongly that a student meet with an HSC counselor or physician, but each student can discuss with a dean's representative his or her choice to refuse the referral.


We respect students' privacy, so all communication within the HSC Counseling Office is confidential, with a few exceptions. These exceptions are:

  1. when the information relates to clear and imminent danger to an individual,
  2. when a state law requires the reporting of information (threats of violence, child abuse or neglect, spouse abuse), and
  3. when information is requested by court order. Any disclosure in these situations will be made to an appropriate authority and will be limited to material directly pertinent to the issue involved.

Please note that we will not release any information obtained through interviews, counseling sessions, or testing without the written permission of a client.