CRAFT Seminar Series

CRAFT Seminar Series


Naresh Sunkara giving a CRAFT talk on entrepreneurship.

CRAFT (Career Research Advancement Focused Training) Seminar Series meets monthly during the academic year for a lunchtime meeting focusing on career development for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students at the University of Louisville.


Past Craft Speakers

SpeakerTitle/ SummaryDate
Alexandra Fuller
Whitsell Innovations, Inc.

"Careers in Medical Writing"

Will Metcalf, JD, BS
T. Allen Morris, Ph.D., MBA,
Josh Nickols, Ph.D.,MBA

"Technology Development and Startup Opportunities"

Josh Fuqua, Ph.D.

"Product Development: From Academics to Regulatory Affairs"

Lee Schmidt, Ph.D. US WorldMeds,LLC

"Navigating the Post-Graduate Career Landscape in Science and Medicine"

Gigi Gronvall, Ph.D.
John Hopkins School of Public Health

"Synthetic Biology and Biosecurity: A Personal Perspective"

Rachael Gerlach, Ph.D.
US WorldMeds

" Making an Impact Beyond Academia"

James Gould, PhD
Havard Medical School

"Experimenting on Yourself: A Scientific Approach to Career Development"

John Hackett Jr., PhD
Abbott Laboratories

"A Globe-Trotting Career: Preventing Diseases Through Advanced Diagnostics"


Discussed MedPace drug development and opportunities to use your scientific background within clinical research.

Jim A. Turpin, Ph.D.

"A Journey: From Bench Scientist to NIH Program Officer"

Jason Hinzman, Ph.D.
MSL, Eli Lilly & Co.

"Industry Careers: Medical Science Liaison"

Torsten Hopp, Ph.D., RBP
U of L

"Career Options for PhD's in Biosafety & Research Oversight"

Matthew Lawlor, Ph.D.

"Preparedness, Pandemics, and Program Management:Embracing Serendipity in a Scientific Career"

Sandeep Dayal, Ph.D.

"Careers In Science Policy"

Irina Tcherepanova, Ph.D.
Argos Therapeutics

"From Bench to Clinic: A Personal Journey"

Yvette Seger, Ph.D.

"From Pipettes to Policy: Career Opportunities in Science Policy"

Pritesh Kumar, Ph.D.

"Isolation, Separation and Purification of Compounds Derived from Industrial Hemp"

Jessica Indrigo
U of L

"Higher Education Development: A Career in Matchmaking."

Eric Prager, PhD

"Staying in Science Without Staying in the Lab: A view (and a career) from the other side of publishing"

Cedric Francois, MD/PhD

From the Bench to Biotech: Stories for the Road

Dr. James Pusey
MedPace Special Presentation

Discussed Medpace drug development and opportunities to use your scientific background within clinical research.

Seth Kelly, PhD

" The Ins and Outs of Working at a Small Liberal Arts College"


Chris Pickett, PhD

"From the Lab Bench to a Career in Science Policy"


Joerg Schlatterer, PhD

 "The Most Important Experiment: Your Career"


Nathan Vanderford, PhD

"Preparing for the Realities of the PhD job market." 1/11/17
Amanda Krzysiak, PhD"An unexpected life as Faculty at a Private University"11/29/16
William Chambers,Ph.D."Research and Training Opportunities at the American Cancer Society"     
Chris Barton Ph.D., J.D."A Career in Technology Transfer: Commercializing Research Discoveries in Academia" 9/13/16
Naomi Charalambakis"The Federal Budget-How it works and Why Students Should Care"8/26/16
Dr. Rachel Gerlach"Academia-A Primer for a Career in Pharma"8/16/16
Dr. Yuri Klyachkin"How to know if a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Career Is Right for You."7/19/16
Dr. Pritesh Kumar"Industry Perspective- Emerging Markets: Play it Safe or Roll the Dice?"6/14/16
Dr. Joan Simunic"The (somewhat) Long and Winding Road: From Bench Chemist to Patent Attorney"5/10/16
Dr. Naresh Sunkara“Entrepreneurship as a Career: Transition from Academia to the Startup World.”4/7/16
Dr. Randy Ribaudo“The Business of Science: Preparing for Professional Careers.”3/10/16
Dr. James Gould“Strategically Navigating Your Early Research Career.” 2/18/16
Dr. Josh Henkin“Government Consulting: Fast-track Career Opportunities for the Strategic-minded Postdoc/Grad Student.”11/19/15

Dr. Kevyn Merten

*Research! Louisville* CRAFT symposium- "Successful Entrepreneurship"10/28/15
Dr. Meghan Mott, NINDS*Research! Louisville* CRAFT symposium- "Careers in Science Policy."10/28/15
Stephanie Eberle, Stanford University**Research! Louisville* CRAFT symposium- "How to Find Your Career Path."10/28/15
Dr. Kinga Hosszu"Careers in Science Publishing."7/30/15
Jason Priem"Altmetrics and Revolutions: How the Web is Transforming the Measure and Practice of Science"5/16/15
Dr. Bryan Loy"Alternative Employment Opportunities for Oncologists- One person's perspective"5/7/15

Dr. Bill Mattingly

"Data Visualization and Clinical Research Informatics"


Dr. Daniel Eustace

"Preparing for Your First Year on the Job"3/5/15
Dr. Lindsay A. Bonsignore"New Roles for N-terminal Methylation in Breast Cancer Progression and Aging."1/27/15
Rebecca Fleischaker and Ted SmithThey discussed recent economic development efforts and highlighted local oppotunities for budding entrepreneurs.12/4/14
Dr. Kyle Keeney and Andrew SteenThey discussed entrepreneurial opportunities for post-docs and highlighted the KyMass Turnpike and KyMass Mentorship programs which connect Kentucky reseatchers with the Boston bio-tech community.


Dr.Keith Micoli"Hope is Not a Plan: Becoming the Professional You Want To Be."10/9/14
Justin Hallgren"The Role of the Nucleolus in Neurodegeneration."8/25/14

Dr. Natia Qipshidze-Kelm

"Combination Treatment with Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Nitrite Protects Againest Myocardial Infarction."


Dr. Lori Millner

"Detection, Isolation, and Characterization of Single Circulating Tumor Cells."



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