Neuro-Oncology Treatment Program

Brain tumors in children are different from those in adults and they should be treated by specialists with the proper expertise. Outcomes for children with brain tumors have improved significantly in the past two decades. Most children with brain and spinal cord tumors are long-term survivors due to the many advancements made within the field, including improved surgical techniques, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Every child we treat in the pediatric brain tumor program is cared for by our multidisciplinary team of pediatric brain tumor experts. These children also benefit from treatment in our integrated rehabilitation facility. The rehab team includes physical and occupational therapists who begin therapy as early as possible during cancer treatment to give patients the greatest benefit. We are committed to providing the highest quality treatment for each child while supporting the family’s physical and psychosocial needs. 

Our team includes a neuro-oncologist, neuro-radiologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neurologists, and a psychologist. Our patients benefit from an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, using the latest surgical, radiotherapy and chemotherapy approaches.  We are participating in a number of Children's Oncology Group studies as well as novel, new clinical studies through other research groups. Our neuro-oncology program is one of a few immunotherapy centers for children with relapsed brain tumors. We are conducting chemotherapy vaccine study for children with relapsed brain tumors.

Team members

Mustafa Barbour, M.D.

Michael Huang, M.D.