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Pediatric Nephrology and Hypertension

The Pediatric Nephrology team treats children with kidney diseases, both temporary and chronic. Children may need a nephrologist if their clinician finds blood or protein in the urine, detects high blood pressure, or receives blood tests with abnormal electrolytes or creatinine.  Children with kidney stones, recurrent urinary infections, bed-wetting and lupus often need a consultation.

Prenatal visits are encouraged for expectant mothers whose ultrasound raises suspicion of kidney defects such as hydronephrosis.

The division manages the spectrum of care, from the earliest symptoms to complex treatments.  We provide hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, which are temporary solutions for kidney failure.  We also join with transplant surgeons to perform transplants and manage the care that follows.  Working as a team means that the division integrates the work of doctors, specialized nurse clinicians, dietitians and social workers, who guide families through the maze of hospital services needed to keep a child's growth and lifestyle normal despite abnormalities in one of medicine's most challenging organs.

Pediatric Nephrology and Hypertension

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Siddharth A. Shah, MD
Division Chief, Pediatric Nephrology
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Malavika Prasad, MD
Division of Pediatric Nephrology
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