Pediatric Global Health

The International Pediatrics faculty

Formed in 1997, the Division of Pediatric Global Health has achieved the following international education accomplishments:

  • Coordinated departmental faculty in international activities
  • Facilitated faculty exchange and education programs in Romania, Poland and Moldova as a cooperative venture with the Humana Foundation and Humana, Inc. through generous donations from the Humana Foundation and Humana, Inc. until 2006.
  • Established an Endowed Chair in International Pediatrics in 2007 as part of “Bucks for Brains” trust with the University of Louisville. This endowed chair was made possible through the generous gifts from David and Betty Jones and the Humana Foundation.
  • Completed missions in Eastern Europe and is currently serving other underserved areas of the world.
  • Joined the AMPATH Consortium of academic health centers around the world with a focus on enhancing pediatric care in the AMPATH Ghana partnership.


Academic Office
571 South Floyd Street, Louisville, Ky 40202
P:  (502) 852-8600

Key Academic Contact: Kourtney Sexton | 502.852.3874


Jackson H. Williams, MD, FAAP, DTM&H ()
Division Chief and Humana Foundation Endowed Chair, International Pediatrics
Associate Professor, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
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Nicole M. Bichir, MD ()
Assistant Professor, General Pediatrics
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Kelly Frazier, MD (email)
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
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Bethany Hodge, MD, MPH )
Co-Director, Global Education Office (GEO) for medical students
Director, Medical Student Distinction in Global Health Track
Associate Professor, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
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Mirzada Kurbasic, MD ()
Professor, General Pediatrics
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Sheridan Langford, MD ()
Co-Director, Global Education Office (GEO) for medical students
Assistant Director, Medical Student Distinction in Global Health Track
Assistant Professor, General Pediatrics
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Dan Stewart, MD ()
Professor, Neonatal Medicine
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Daniel Blatt, MD ()
Assistant Professor, Infectious Disease
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George Rodgers, MD
Founding Member, Division of International Pediatrics
Emeritus Faculty






Our division supports an International Resident Rotation and Education program offering:

  • A Global Health Track including Certificate in Global Health
  • Resident and medical student education in International pediatric medicine
  • Supervised International Elective opportunities in Ghana and Ecuador with partner institutions
  • Funding is currently available to support a significant portion of the expenses for resident global health travel
  • An intensive Domestic Global Health Elective and 2-week pre-departure global health training. This elective includes time studying global health topics, tropical medicine cases, refugee health clinical sessions, ethics case discussions, a skills lab night, and an intensive half-day simulation experience
  • Two of our core faculty members (Drs. Hodge and Langford) are currently serving on the national steering committee which has developed the recent American Academy of Pediatrics Global Health Education for Equity Anti-Racism & Decolonization (GHEARD) curriculum


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