Survive and Thrive: Long Term Follow-Up Program

Our program offers an individualized plan of monitoring based on the patient’s disease and past therapy. We conduct a multi-disciplinary clinic which offers specialized assistance to address issues related to growth and development, neurocognitive problems, endocrine, reproductive, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary, as well as other medical challenges.

The University of Louisville has the largest survivorship program in Kentucky for children and young adults who are survivors of childhood cancer.

One in 1,000 adults younger than 45, and 1 in 570 adults, ages 20-34, are cancer survivors. Almost 100,000 pediatric cancer survivors are in college today. As cure rates are now higher than ever, the next generation of survivors is living with greater success than ever.

With this success comes the challenges of life after cancer, such as resuming school life and facing possible limitations with future family planning. Becoming a survivor of childhood cancer requires a long-term relationship with qualified, caring individuals who specialize in issues that can be encountered after cancer therapy. 

Periodic screenings are appropriate for survivors with no symptoms of disease. Survivors at risk for organ dysfunctions are evaluated more extensively. Our clinic coordinates each patient’s needs with multiple subspecialty clinicians across many fields, ranging from endocrine to reproductive medical issues.