Weeklong service project introduces 1L to bylaw drafting

When he started his weeklong service project, first-year Brandeis Law student Andrew Klump didn't know much about his assignment -- drafting bylaws for the Louisville Food Co-op.

Klump was assigned to work with Professor Ariana Levinson, a labor and employment law expert, to draft bylaws for the group.

"It was a bit overwhelming at first," Klump says about the project. "But I did a little bit of research and Prof. Levinson was great at helping me transition into bylaw work."

His weeklong project was coordinated by the Office of Professional Development. The projects offer 1L students an opportunity to perform their 30-hour public service requirement after their first semester. These projects also allow students to experience working in a real-world legal environment. 

Klump drafted bylaws for the co-op's steering committee to review. An attorney will review the final product.

Tom Rutledge, an attorney at Stoll Keenon Ogden, and attorney Ryan Fenwick worked with Klump in providing background information and drafting assistance.

The experience was a valuable one for Klump, who is excited about the co-op's mission to address Louisville's West End food desert while providing jobs to invested employees.