Arnold’s work designated ‘Noteworthy Practice’ by accreditation body

Arnold’s work designated ‘Noteworthy Practice’ by accreditation body

Tony Arnold

A syllabus developed by Professor Tony Arnold has been designated as “Noteworthy Practice” by the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) which accredits degree programs in urban planning. The syllabus is used in Arnold’s course Land Use and Planning Law, an interdisciplinary cross-listed class used in three courses, LAW 904, UPA 678 and PLAN 605.

With the designation, the syllabus will be added to the PAB website, “Curriculum: Required Knowledge, Skills and Values of the Profession.”

The designation came about because of PAB’s review and re-accreditation of the University of Louisville’s Master of Urban Planning degree program recently. "The Board found the syllabus for PLAN605 to be exemplary, not only in its content coverage but also the explicit identification of knowledge/skill areas associated with PAB standards. The grading rubric for both the hearing simulations and reflection papers also reflects a thoughtful approach that the instructor has developed to assess student learning outcomes,” said the PAB statement notifying Arnold about the honor.

“This recognition highlights the added value that Brandeis Law School brings to other units, other degree programs and interdisciplinary education at UofL,” Arnold said. “There aren't very many universities nationally that are featured for noteworthy practices in urban planning education on the PAB website, and now UofL will be one of this elite set.”

Arnold holds the Boehl Chair in Property and Land Use and is director of the Resilience Justice Project in the law school and is Affiliated Professor of Urban Planning in the College of Arts and Sciences.