Faculty Speaker Series

The University of Louisville School of Law is proud to host a regular Faculty Speaker Series. 

The law school's Dean's Faculty Development Fund allows us to host national legal scholars in a variety of fields to discuss their cutting-edge forthcoming legal scholarship. Our faculty will engage with these works-in-progress, bringing our own expertise and perspectives.

Professor Jamie Abrams, assistant dean of intellectual life, explains the importance of legal scholarship:

"Legal scholarship is a tool to develop new solutions to resolving current problems that need resolution, like terrorism or immigration. It is a tool to anticipate future legal problems and how we might resolve them, such as the regulation of genetic material. It is also a tool to use modern legal lenses to better understand the past in ways that were not even intellectually viable forms of analysis in that historical moment, such as the development of intellectual property by slaves."

See below for a schedule of speakers.

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Tuesday, January 7

Felix Chang

University of Cincinnati
Professor of Law and Co-Director, Corporate Law Center


Algorithmic Antitrust Research

Tuesday, January 28

JoAnne Sweeny

University of Louisville
Professor of Law 


The #Metoo Movement in Comparative Perspective

Tuesday, March 31

Shelly Saxer

Pepperdine University,
Laure Sudreau Endowed Professor of Law