‘Safe Place’ film and discussion at Brandeis Law on Oct. 12

‘Safe Place’ film and discussion at Brandeis Law on Oct. 12

Brandeis Law School will present the documentary “Safe Place” at 3:15 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 12, in the Breit Courtroom. A panel discussion will take place immediately afterward featuring prosecuting lawyers Larry Wilder and Zach Stewart and filmmaker Sam Mirpoorian. Brandeis Visiting Assistant Professor Dan Canon will moderate the discussion.

Safe Place” looks at problems in county detention facilities through the case of one detainee.

County jails detain people pre-trial. The assumption is that a jail is a safe place to be detained. As the number of persons held pre-trial continues to rise, staffing shortages, detainees suffering mental health crises, substance use disorder and other conditions cause county jails in Indiana to be dangerous places for both detainees and staff. On average, there is a jail death every two weeks in Indiana.

“Safe Place” recounts the death of Jerod Draper, a southern Indiana resident, who during a single night of detention in a county jail, lost his life.

A reception will follow the discussion. The event is sponsored by the Far Star Action Fund. For additional details, contact Canon, dan.canon@louisville.edu.

Warning: This film contains potentially disturbing situations that may be harmful to some viewers. Discretion advised.