‘Drag Me to Class’ raises almost $1,800 for students to attend Lavender Law Conference

‘Drag Me to Class’ raises almost $1,800 for students to attend Lavender Law Conference

Assistant Professor of Law Dan Canon, left, and Sister Petty Davis

Lambda Law Caucus raised almost $1,800 through its “Drag Me to Class” event with Director of Externships and Assistant Professor of Law Dan Canon winning the coveted opportunity to present the Drag Story Hour on Feb. 27.

Funds raised will support travel expenses for Brandeis School of Law students attending the Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair to be held in Washington Aug. 7-9.

In January and February, donors could give funds to several Brandeis Law School faculty members hoping to be selected as the Drag Story Hour honoree. “It was a very close contest, and various professors were in the leading spot at different times over the month. Professor Canon scored the winning votes in the last day of the competition, ultimately becoming the ‘Drag Me to Class’ fundraiser winner,” Lambda Law Caucus President Norma Redman said.

Canon presented the story, “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” with Sister Petty Davis of the Derby City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – AKA Christopher McDavid – who shared recommendations on drag activism at the event.

“LGBTQ+ law students are studying the law each day in an environment where our very existences are under attack in courts, state legislatures and political contests across the nation, so efforts like this to find joy in community and support our LGBTQ+ students are especially impactful,” Redman said.

“We hope this will be the first of many future similar fundraisers. Lambda Law Caucus had a lot of fun planning and executing ‘Drag Me to Class,’ and I think that our joy radiated out to the law school community, just as we hoped.”