Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs & Diversity

The Office of Student Affairs and Diversity (OSAD) welcomes you to another safe and inclusive space at Louisville Law. We believe in transparency, inclusivity, academic excellence and wellness. We embrace the changes that allow us to think of innovative ways to engage our students. The OSAD supports the Cardinal Principles and anti-racist agenda set forth by the University of Louisville.

This office is dedicated to helping students develop a strong platform for student success and wellness. We offer support, organizational leadership opportunities and guidance while facilitating meaningful relationships among students, faculty, and staff.

Image: Signature, Crystal Coel
Crystal Rae Coel, Esq., M.A.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity

Student Spotlight

Farrah Michelle Alexander

Class of 2024

Hometown: Sellersburg, Indiana 

What I like about Brandeis/Law School

I really love the history and culture of the school. Leaving animal crackers on Justice Brandeis’s grave during exams is a truly unique law school tradition I feel privileged to partake in. Although I love the history of the school, I’m most grateful the student body doesn’t still resemble the black and white class collages hanging on the walls from decades prior. I’ve learned so much from the diverse experiences of my peers.

Career Goals

I’m the author of two books about political activism and through my own activism, I’ve come to believe that law is the most effective way to enact direct and positive change. I hope to practice civil rights and impact litigation and play some small part in enacting positive change through law.  

Favorite Quote: 

"If I am not for me, who will be for me? And when I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when?"

Hillel, Pirkei Avot 1:14 

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Hallie Patney Lonial

Class of 2024

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

What I like about Brandeis/Law School

I really love the way Brandeis emphasizes public service/pro bono work. As someone who plans to go into public interest law, I think every school should have a 30-hour public service requirement. It's so important to give back to the community and assist those who otherwise may not be able to afford legal services!

Who has influenced me the most: 

Sometimes the cheesiest answer is the right answer—my parents! I would not be at UofL, much less in law school, if not for their constant support and encouragement. Also, shoutout to my Dadima and Dadu, whose journey from India to the United States is what inspired me to become an immigration lawyer!

Career Goals: I came to law school to be an immigration lawyer, and my passion for this area of law has only grown over the past three years. I will be starting my legal career in D.C., but hope to return to Louisville in the future so I can continue serving immigrants who choose to settle in the Commonwealth.

Favorite Quote: 

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb

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Inclusive Excellence

J. Trevor Salzman

Class of 2024

Why Brandeis
I always considered the law as a viable career path but did not take the plunge until during the Covid-19 pandemic family members encouraged me to begin the process and to express my potential in the legal profession.

Brandeis School of Law was always going to be my first choice. Being from Louisville, I hold UofL in the highest esteem and I will always be honored for the privilege to have attended an institution of this caliber.

What have you learned since your 1L year? Outside of a few more gray hairs... I have developed the mindset of a legal professional. Even the basics, such as how to read and write, have been altered and sharpened by Brandeis to be a successful attorney and properly support future clients. And I can’t forget my study group/friends, Casa de Perro, whom I met during my 1L year and now consider some of the best and brightest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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Dennis "Trey" W. Martin, III

Class of 2024

Why BrandeisLaw school is a way for me to maximize my abilities and my reach from a professional and career perspective. Brandeis was my choice for a multitude of reasons: location, dedication to public service, affordability, and the warm welcome I have felt from staff and admin since the day I accepted my offer. 

What have you learned since your 1L year? I have become much more aware of things going on in the world around me and I have grown to appreciate and understand differences between myself and my peers on a much more personal level. 

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A Salute to the Unbroken

Recognizing our active military and veteran students.


Shalonte Branham

Class of 2026

What are you most proud of as a member of the service? 
My proudest accomplishment as a military member is the resilience and courage I have cultivated. 

Why do you want to be a lawyer? 
I aspire to be a lawyer to serve my community and administer justice with empathy and fairness." 

What do you like most about Brandeis? 
I appreciate the tightly-knit community at Brandeis. It is a place where everyone seems to know someone who can help you pursue your goals and dreams." 

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