Our Alumni

Brandeis School of Law has an established network of more than 6,000 alumni, providing our students with access to regional and national leaders who serve the legal profession, government, business community, and public service sectors that span 49 states and six countries. Our alumni are mentors to our students, engaged with the law school, and making a difference in their communities.

Our alumni include:

Howard Fineman ('80)
Analyst, NBC/MSNBC

Lucy Lee Helm ('82)
Executive Vice President and Chief Partner Officer, Starbucks

Brandeis graduates Shannon Fauver ('03), Laura Landenwich ('07), Dawn Elliott ('07), Joe Dunman ('12), and Dan Canon ('07) represented Kentucky’s plaintiffs in the Supreme Court’s landmark same-sex marriage case, Obergefell v. Hodges.

State Rep. Sannie Overly ('93)
The first woman elected to the majority Caucus Chair in the Kentucky House of Representatives

William McAnulty ('74)
The first African-American Justice to serve on the Kentucky Supreme Court

Melanie Bootes ('99)
Chief Legal Officer, KFC U.S.

Joshua D. Farley ('06)
One of the youngest attorneys ever to appear before the United States Supreme Court on their own petition for certiorari and win

Chief Judge Denise Clayton ('76)
The first African-American woman to serve on the Kentucky Court of Appeals and first African-American to serve as the Court's chief judge

Former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd ('72)
Chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

Judge Janice R. Martin ('80)
The first African-American woman to serve on the Judiciary in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

David Armstrong ('69)
Late Louisville Mayor and Jefferson County Judge-Executive

Scott Furkin ('82)
Executive Director, Louisville Bar Association

Charles (Mike) J. Cronan IV ('70)
Past-President, Louisville Bar Association

Amanda Main ('01)
Past-President, Louisville Bar Association; Senior Attorney, Brown-Forman

Greg Stumbo ('75)
Former Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives; Former Kentucky Attorney General

Douglass Farnsley ('76)
Past-President of the Kentucky Bar Association

Guion Johnstone ('11)
Executive Director of IOLTA/Kentucky Bar Foundation

Neva-Marie Polley ('99)
Executive Director of Louisville’s Legal Aid Society