Two Brandeis Law students leave conference with job offers

At the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair in October, 10 Brandeis Law students had the chance to attend workshops, interviews and informal discussions about public interest careers -- and two even walked away with job offers. 

Second-year student Jennifer Reynolds accepted a position as a summer law clerk for the New Orleans Public Defender. 

"It was great being able to talk with an employer who I otherwise would not have had the chance to speak with," she says.

"I did not get many opportunities to attend seminar programming because of the odd timing of my interview on the first day, (but) I was able to see the program featuring Justice Kagan. She is a very inspirational individual, and my favorite part of her interview was when she said that law students are very risk averse, and that every opportunity she took that seemed a bit crazy worked out to be one of the better things she did. This made me feel better about accepting a summer job in New Orleans so far away from home, so I’m extremely happy that I went to the program featuring Justice Kagan."

Another student who got a job offer at the conference is 2L Devon Skeens. Skeens, who is interviewing with more organizations before accepting a position, is hoping to spend the summer of 2017 in New York City. The conference allowed him to network with employers whom he never would have met in Louisville. 

"It was an incredible opportunity," he said. "It's the only reason I have a job offer now."

The Office of Professional Development coordinated the trip for the students.