Non-profits must be run as businesses, says DC attorney

Non-profits must be run as businesses, says DC attorney

Andrew Morton

Just because a lawyer holds a Juris Doctor does not make him or her qualified to practice non-profit law.

That was a message from attorney Andrew Morton, who spoke at Brandeis Law Sept. 27. Morton is partner and chair of Washington D.C. firm Handler Thayer's sports and entertainment law group. He serves a client base of professional athletes, Olympians, actors, entertainers, artists, chefs and other public figures who wish to maximize their social impact.

"Quite literally, my entire practice has been built on fixing what pro bono lawyers who want to hang out with famous people have screwed up," Morton said.

During his presentation, which was organized by Professor Goldburn Maynard and sponsored by the Larry Franklin Speaker’s Fund and the Office of Professional Development, Morton also encouraged students to explore a variety of career opportunities.

You can view his entire presentation here.