Brandeis Law students take part in Downtown Around Town program

Brandeis Law students take part in Downtown Around Town program

Brandeis Law students met with Judge Irv Maze and Judge Denise Clayton.

On Dec. 12, 2016, 14 diverse Brandeis Law students went on a walking tour of employers in downtown Louisville. 

During the tour, they met with attorneys and judges and gained insights about career paths and tips about job searching. The students visited four employers: the County Attorney, the Court of Appeals, Legal Aid of Louisville and Frost Brown Todd.

Attorneys with Frost Brown Todd gave tips on interviewing, advised on what the firm looks for on resumes and cover letters and spoke about the importance of writing thank you notes.

The students then met with Court of Appeals Judges Irv Maze and Denise Clayton. The judges talked with the students about their own career paths and advised the students to explore as many areas of law as possible while in law school to discover their passion.

"As a second-year law student, it was my pleasure to once again participate in Downtown Around Town. During my first year of law school, I was grateful for the opportunities that Downtown Around Town provided: getting to know fellow 1Ls and upperclassmen outside of the classroom, meeting employers from the public and private sectors as well as small and large firms and interacting with diverse alumni who were willing to share their post-Brandeis experience as well as details about their current employment," said student Anesha Blakey. "This year, I was happy to accompany first-year law students as this event provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about summer positions, in addition to the ability to interact with potential employers in a way that is not often available outside of Downtown Around Town."

The outing was organized by the Office of Professional Development and the law school's Diversity Council.