Brandeis Law 2L brings paramedic, theater background to law school

Andrew Skomorowsky came to the Brandeis School of Law with two careers under his belt: He worked as a theatrical sound designer and engineer for a decade before becoming a paramedic, a role he held for 15 years. 

Now, he's pursuing his third career path: law. 

“I wanted to continue my career path of helping people,” says Skomorowsky, a second-year law student. “I was also looking for an opportunity to use a part of my brain that I hadn’t used in an awful long time.”

“The idea of going back to school was terrifying to me but worth it in the long run. I’m going to come out of the Brandeis School of Law with a law degree that I can apply to pretty much any area that I choose, and that’s tremendously exciting.”

Skomorowsky praises the diversity of the student body at Brandeis Law.

“This is a great place to meet a cross-section of everybody," he says. “I love hearing their stories. I love getting to know them and learning about a section of life that I knew nothing about prior coming to law school. The diversity of the student body is amazing."

Learn more about Skomorowsky, his path to law school and why he sees law as a calling in the video below.