Brandeis alumni publish monthly, annual resource for Kentucky appellate attorneys

The Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Kentucky release about 1,400 opinions and orders every year. Appellate attorneys need to stay informed about these cases, but finding the time to read these opinions is hard to do.

That's where the Kentucky Appellate Survey comes in. Founded in 2015 by two graduates of the Brandeis School of Law, the annual publication summarizes, analyzes and contextualizes the opinions and orders issued by Kentucky’s appellate courts.

Edward O'Brien (2013) and Nicholas Whitt (2014) met as students at Brandeis Law, where they both served on the University of Louisville Law Review — O'Brien as editor and Whitt as senior notes editor.

In 2014, they founded O'Brien Whitt Publishing LLC, which publishes the Kentucky Appellate Survey and the Kentucky Appellate Survey Monthly. The monthly publication was launched in 2015 as an e-book that provides timely summaries of decisions. 

Both the annual and monthly publications are divided by area of law so that readers can easily focus on their practice area.

Because most of the opinions and orders covered in the publications aren't published anywhere, the Kentucky Appellate Survey offers a way for lawyers to find information they need all in one place. Judges have also told O'Brien and Whitt that the resource has been valuable in helping them keep up to date on developments in the law.