Kentucky Consortium for Refugee Research and Practice (KCRRP)

Engaging refugee voices to inform research & practice

Research & Evaluation

  • Engage refugee voices in development and conduct of research and evaluation
  • Develop and implement translational research projects to contribute to the knowledge base
  • Conduct needs assessments, program, and practice evaluation.
  • Disseminate study findings, lessons learned, and best practices.

Practice & Policy Analysis

  • Seek and integrate input from refugees and refugee communities in practice and policy analysis
  • Analyze current practices and policies using a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.
  • Make recommendations for practice and policy changes.

Collaborations & Community Partnerships

  • Engage refugees and refugee communities to inform development, implementation, and evaluation of practice.
  • Convene coalitions and networks so as to identify and study service needs.
  • Work to strengthen community infrastructure and promote cross-system communications and collaborations.
  • Recommend targeted investments in infrastructure and processes to strengthen programs and promote sustainability of best practices to address needs of refugees.

Training & Technical Assistance

  • Support workforce development- provide training, technical assistance, and consultation in education, health, mental health, service delivery, and best practices.

Current Projects

Kentucky Statewide Refugee Mental Health Needs Assessment 

Consortium Members