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 Current DSW Students

We are honored to be the University of Louisville's first fully online doctoral program! Our first cohort of 20 students began in the fall of 2021, followed by the second in the fall of 2022. Our students continue to thrive and find a balance between their academic, professional, and personal lives. Our faculty are developing a program that will transform experienced professionals into scholars, teachers, and organizational leaders who will positively impact vulnerable and marginalized populations. Please see the links below to view our students' profiles.

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 Alana Campbell 

Beth Pacheco 

Blake Skidmore 

Chris Hurley

Debra Dotson 

Erica Reevey 

Lizzie Minton 

Gilberto Maldonado 

Jonathan Vales 

Keith Hall

Kendrah Sanders 

Linsey Schafer 

Marjorie Schular 

Sade Richardson 

Samantha Graves 

Sherie Brock 

Spencer Moorman 

Tina Bowen Jenkins 

Tina Marie Johnson 

Carol Chung

Kristin Cline

Michelle Davidson

Robin George

Gabrielle Harvey

Kay Hunter

Rachel Jenkins

Carley Justice

Chet Korensky

Ramie Martin-Galijatovic

Keri Otte

Cowann Owens

Bethan Proudfoot

Latasha Richard

Nicole Roth

Heather Savage

Megan Setter

Andrea Sparrow

Deidre Thompson

Shemika Whiteside

James Zimmer