Social Work Accreditation

The Kent School’s BSW and MSSW Programs are FULLY ACCREDITED by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE; a directory of accredited schools’ of social work, including the Kent School, can be found here at the CSWE website. Social work program’s accreditation must be reaffirmed every 8 years. The next accreditation review for both the BSW and MSSW Programs is in February 2024.  We are currently working on our self-study.  Self-study is part of the process in preparing for the next accreditation review (referred to as reaffirmation).  The self-study process allows the program to critically examine and evaluate all their processes, including student learning outcomes.  The self-study process is directed by extensive guidelines called Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards

The self-studies for the BSW and MSSW Programs are currently being drafted, reviewed and edited by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the Program Directors for the BSW and MSSW Programs, and the Field Education Director; we are seeking input from a broad constituency of course chairs, other Kent School faculty, staff, and members of the University’s Office of Institutional Research.  We look forward to sharing the completed self-studies with the CSWE Commission on Accreditation, site visitors and other constituencies.  The next step in our reaffirmation process will be the site visit; the site visit for Kent School will happen between September 2023 and November 2023 (additional information on site visits and visitors may be found here.  Site visitors will meet with a broad constituency of the Kent School including students, staff, and faculty.  Following the site visit, the CSWE Commission on Accreditation will conduct a Reaffirmation Determination and Decision. 

We will continue to update the Kent Community on the self-study and reaffirmation process.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to , BSW Program Director, , MSSW Program Director and/or , Associate Dean of Academic Affairs if you have any questions or concerns. Learn more about accreditation.

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work  (PHD) programs do not require accreditation.