Dr. Sharon E. Moore


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The well-being of African American faculty and students at predominately white postsecondary institutions, police shootings of Black males, social work practice, and the African American church are critical agendas for research.

In Dilemmas of Black Faculty at Predominantly White Institutions in the United States: Issues in the Post-Multicultural Era Dr. Moore and her colleagues discuss experiences as professors in predominately white universities (PWIs). Black faculty members are numerically underrepresented in the professoriate. On PWI campuses, their experiences have been mixed in terms of salary disparities, being tracked into disciplines and departments that some view as marginal and status assaults and ongoing stigmatization ranging from police harassment to collegial harassment.

The Black church serves as a coping and survival mechanism and continues to be a type of family where Blacks receive social support and affirmation. As an institution, it is second in importance only to the family within the Black community. In recent years the issue of child sexual abuse within religious institutions has come to light. Dr. Moore’s research focuses on its incidence within society and how the Black church can become a safe haven against the sexual violation of children.