Religious Studies

mosaic of people from various religious backgrounds

The Religious Studies Program at the University of Louisville can turn your interest in religion into a Religious Studies Minor, or you may select Religious Studies as a concentration in the Humanities Major for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

As an integral part of the Department of Comparative Humanities of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Religious Studies Program offers a variety of introductory and upper-divison college-level courses in the academic study of religion. These include:

  • the various disciplinary approaches and lenses through which scholars define and study religious traditions and phenomena;
  • the survey of philosophical, theological, and ethical thought of particular religious as found in their texts and practices, including artistic and other cultural expressions;
  • and the comparative, historical, and global engagement between religions as well as between the religious and other domains of human life.

Many of the courses fulfill General Education Requirements as well as cross-list with other interdisciplinary areas, such as Asian Studies, Pan-African Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies.

For interested students, several courses contribute toward an undergraduate Minor in Religious Studies combined with a major and possible additional minor in other academic areas. The Religious Studies Minor is intentionally designed for students who wish to choose to either:

  1. pursue a broad study of various religions or religion in general, or
  2. concentrate on a particular religion,

depending on a student's general interests, major (if not also other minor), and/or specific aims toward further graduate work in religious studies.

For more information on the Religious Studies Minor, contact Prof. Maryam Moazzen.

For more information on the Humanities BA with a concentration in Religious Studies, Dr. Mike Hagan.