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Stay in-the-know with our HRtalks! Our HRtalks sessions will focus on central HR functions, supports, and provides best practices for the university. By the end of the session, you will be up-to-date with the latest university information and policies.

Upcoming Session(s):

HRtalks Wellness- 

Join the UofL Get Healthy Now team for fun virtual learning workshops that will support your overall wellbeing and give you the opportunity to earn 200 points toward your 2022 $40 GHN monthly incentive. Register for the each session by clicking the registration links below!

Plant-based Diets - Register October 28 from 11am-12pm

HRtalks DEI Recruitment Strategies

Join the HRBP Team on MS Teams to discuss DEI Recruitment Strategies. This is for individuals who support their department and/or units’ recruitment process to learn best hiring practices regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Who can attend an HRtalks session?

All faculty and staff are welcome to attend.


Former HRtalks sessions:

View our previous HRtalks sessions.


Let us help!

We would be more than happy to bring HRtalks to your school, department or staff meeting. We can also provide information for departmental newsletters. Please to us to discuss.

For feedback on previous HRtalks session, or ideas on future talks, contact the HRBP team