Summer 2016

ENGL 506-20: Teaching of Writing (5/31-7/5)
MTWThF 9:00 AM – 12:50 PM

Professor J. Turner
ENGL 570-10 Language and Social Identity ( 5/9-5/27)
MTWThF 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Professor T. Soldat-Jaffe

ENGL 595-30: Science and Religion in the Seventeenth Century (7/6-8/9)
MTWThF 11:20 AM – 12:50 PM
Professor H. Stanev
This course will examine a number of literary reflections of the two most prominent impulses behind the turbulent Stuart, Commonwealth, and Restoration years in England—scientific exploration and religious thought. We will not only study their separate impact upon the early modern imagination and the political and social events of the seventeenth century, but also consider ways in which they collided in the writings of seminal early modern authors, such as Marlowe, Jonson, Donne, and Milton. We will further read and discuss a wide array of plays, utopias, poems, scientific and medical tracts, witchcraft narratives, and interpretative treatments of religious doctrine. The learning outcomes of this class will be geared towards: 1) exploring the significance of major philosophical, scientific, and theological discoveries in early modern writings and their impact upon the course of social, economic, spiritual, and political events in the seventeenth century; 2) recognizing the complexity of change in the literary imagination of the British Isles in the Jacobean, Caroline, Interregnum, and Restoration periods; 3) placing some of the most widely acclaimed early modern masters of the pen among the writings and ideas of their contemporaries, and tracing the sources, as well as disparate interpretations, of those ideas among the voices of their less known contemporaries (such as Godwin, Cavendish). The learning outcomes will be assessed through a longer research paper, as well as class discussion.
ENGL 599-96: Modernism and Empire (5/31-7/5)
Time/Days TBA

Professor A. Clukey

ENGL 615-10: Thesis Guidance (5/9-5/27)
Professor S. Schneider
*Permission Required

ENGL 690-10: Dissertation Research (5/9-5/27)
Professor S. Schneider
*Permission Required

ENGL 691-30: Contemporary Theory (7/6-8/9)
 MTWThF 9:40AM – 11:10 AM

Professor A. Rabin