Department of English Dual Credit Policies

Adopted 28 September 2007

The Department of English recognizes the importance of creating effective educational partnerships with the Jefferson County Public Schools. The Department is committed to maintaining a high quality of instruction for students in its undergraduate courses both on and off campus. The general principle guiding this document, in accordance with Redbook policies, is that curricular and pedagogical standards determined by the faculty must be maintained in the University’s offerings in whatever venue they are offered. The Department affirms that to maintain this high quality of instruction for high school students enrolled in Dual-Credit Program courses, the Dual-Credit English 101 courses should meet the following criteria:

1. In order to provide students with appropriate opportunities for aquiring college-level writing and reading practices, and in keeping with current research on composition instruction, the Dual-Credit program shall offer English 101 only, except in the schools where English 102 is already established.

2. Students enrolled in Dual-Credit courses must be assured a high quality of instruction that is consistent with the curriculum and instruction in all University of Louisville English 101 courses. In accordance with SACs requirements, all teacher credentials, course syllabi, and enrollment criteria for all Dual-Credit classes must be approved by Director of Composition before any students are registered for the courses. Agreements to establish new Dual Credit English 101 courses may not be made without the approval of the Director of Composition

3. Small class sizes are essential to effective writing instruction. The National Council of Teachers of English recommends a class size of 20 students for first-year writing courses. Enrollment levels in high school Dual-Credit courses will match enrollment levels in English 101 courses taught at UofL. Currently the enrollment level is 22 students. Should the enrollment limits for on-campus sections be lowered to match NCTE recommendations, Dual-Credit course enrollments will be lowered accordingly.

4. College-level writing courses require a pedagogy that draws from the best principles in Rhetoric and Composition scholarship and practice. Students in Dual-Credit courses must be taught according to the philosophy and outcomes of the University of Louisville Composition Program. Credit for English 101 shall not be granted for individual student contracts for college credit in non-composition high school courses, including literary studies courses.  

5. The Director of Composition or an appointed Composition Program Dual Credit Coordinator is responsible for designing assessment measures for the courses and deciding what response assessment results require in terms of approval of instructors and curriculum design.