Cover Letters

Depending on the job description or advertisement, a company/organization may have one of the following requirements: resume and cover letter required, resume required and cover letter optional, or resume required. We recommend submitting a cover letter with your resume 100% of the time.

Online Document Drop

The Document Drop program is for currently enrolled undergraduate students.  Graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) should make an appointment with their Career Coach

We do not write resumes and cover letters for students. We critique written documents so it is important to have a good draft copy based upon the resources on our website. 

We strive to return the critique within 2 business days, Monday through Friday.  Peak seasons may take a little longer.  Please thoroughly complete the submission form.



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Purpose of a Cover Letter

  • A formal business letter to an employer letting them know that you are interested in a position with their company, your qualifications and the reasons in which they should hire you.
  • Communicates both your current capabilities and future potential.
  • Grabs the attention of employers/recruiters.
  • Allows you to expand upon the experiences listed in your resume.
  • Sells your strongest skills and accomplishments.
  • Helps get you the interview!

Review our cover letter checklist to learn more about what's include in a cover letter. Cover Letter Video Clips

Preparing a Cover Letter - an overview of creating the cover letter (2:44).

Cover Letter Channel - hear what hiring managers in different professions say about the cover letter in video clips, each less than a minute long.

The Importance of Thank You Notes

Career Byte - Thank You Notes - short video (5:35) about how and why to send thank you notes.