Dress for Success

When attending a job interview, career fair, or professional networking event, it is important to wear the right outfit that can help you feel comfortable and confident while impressing potential employers.  

The following resources will assist students in selecting appropriate outfits for professional attire (interview attire) and business casual for different gender identities. 

It is a personal decision between wearing clothes that allow you to express your gender identity or dressing according to traditional, cisgender norms. The employer or industry can influence this decision. The Human Rights Campaign has a Corporate Equality Index that can assist in researching LGBTQ-inclusive employers. Some candidates may feel more comfortable wearing clothes associated with their gender identity while others may choose gender-neutral clothing. 

Job Search Attire vs. Work Attire
There is a difference between job search attire and work attire. Many employers may have a casual dress code at work.  In such cases, job candidates should dress a notch above. That is why it is important to research employers and industries and understand the difference between professional attire and business casual. 

At a career fair, candidates may speak with several employers across different industries. In this situation, it is best to dress more professionally to meet and exceed all employers' standards. 



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