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What is Handshake:

Handshake is the UCC's central career platform that connects students, alumni, employers, and the UCC in one place. Students and alumni in Handshake can search for jobs, connect with peers from universities across the country, and more. Last year the UCC posted 21,482 positions in Cards Career Connection powered by Handshake! 

Who is Eligible:

Anyone who graduated with a degree from UofL is eligible for a Handshake account.  If you are a Business or Engineering graduate, you should also contact your career center.

Request an Account:

Alumni who have graduated in 2017 or later may already have an account. However, the UCC may need to reactivate it.  Alumni who graduated before 2017 will need to request an account. We verify graduation information in the University’s academic system. Please email us at and include as much of the following information so we can locate your record:

  • Full Name and/or name at the time of graduation
  • Degree and Major
  • Month and Year of Graduation
  • Student ID #

Do NOT send social security number. Also, do NOT use the account request feature in Handshake. It does not allow you to provide the necessary information for us to verify your records.

Safe Job Hunting:

Whether in Handshake or any other job site on the Internet, you should make certain you are aware of questionable or fraudulent practices. Please review our Safe Job Hunting information.

User Guides:

If you choose to make your profile public to Community or Employers instead of Private, you should thoroughly complete your profile. The same is true if making your resume visible to employers. More on this and other tips in our User Guides:

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