Safe Job Hunting

We are dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for you to search for jobs and manage your career. To assist with that goal, we ask that you keep a few simple security precautions in mind when evaluating job postings.

The UofL University Career Center posts job listings for the convenience of students.  Any posting by an employer is not endorsed by the University nor do we promote them.  The University does not make any guarantees on employment with any employer.  These postings and our efforts should be used as an assistance/connector for the students and the employers.  The University is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment without limitations. The students responsibility is to research the companies and making a sound judgment on where they should apply for the position. Please use caution when applying for positions.

  • Do not give your social security number, personal bank account, PayPal account, or credit card information to a new employer.
  • Do not agree to have funds or paychecks directly deposited into any accounts by a new employer.
  • Do not forward, transfer or send by courier (i.e. FedEx, UPS), or “wire” any money to any employer, for any employer, using your personal account(s).
  • Do not transfer money and retain a portion for payment.
  • Do not respond to suspicious and/or “too good to be true” unsolicited job emails.
  • Typically, applicants do not pay a fee to obtain a job, but there are some instances where this may occur.  Please consult with the University of Louisville - University Career Center before making a decision.

Regrettably, all online job posting sites are susceptible to occasional scams. While we make every effort to prevent this abuse we are not immune to such activity. To help you conduct a safer job search please familiarize yourself with the following information provided by the Federal Trade Commission to help you better manage your career.