Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

Photography & Video


Public Photos

UofL maintains two options for common photos that do not require access:

Brand Center

If you're a UofL faculty or staff member who creates marketing and advertising materials you may access the university's asset management system.

Brand Center

The most succinct way to portray the soul of our institution is by use of images—the people, places, ideas and accomplishments that make us distinctly UofL.

General Usage Guidelines

Professionally produced photography and videography should be used when possible. This is especially vital for any communication whose audience is external.

Photographs should be reproduced at a resolution of 300 dpi to ensure maximum quality. Additionally, take care not to stretch, distort or enlarge the digital images past their original size.

Video should be produced, at minimum, in high definition (HD) 1920x1080.

The Office of Communication and Marketing offers limited video and photographic services to aid marketing and advertising efforts. For more information contact

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Photographic & Cinematic Style

The visual tone for the university continues to be large, immersive compositions with rich colors. The types of scenes and styles can be broken down into three main categories:


Showing an intimate look at the subject and/or the close-up details of their work or experience. These shots lend authenticity and appreciation for what is being produced Additionally, in an environmental context, it can include the details of our physical environment (architectural embellishments, etc). The focus of this style is the work, not the person.

  • Close up of drawing student and their work
  • Close up of design students writing on whiteboard
  • Close up of biology student using lab equipment

Here & Now

We should strive to capture our faculty, staff and students in action, in context. Cut-out photos or video should not be used. Compositions should be candid and unposed to show honesty and realism. This also applies to portraits. The focus of this style is the experience.

  • A student skateboarding on campus
  • A student outside his fraternity house
  • Fiber arts teacher instructing a student

Our World

To understand UofL we must also show our physical environment by highlighting open spaces and people interacting with their campus environment. The focus of this style is the setting.

  • Student resting amidst blooming trees
  • Staff members walking in autumn near Schneider Hall fountain
  • Aerial view of academic quad, students walking
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Photo Releases

Before capturing a photographic moment on university grounds, at a university event or of a UofL faculty, staff or student, consider if a release/consent form is required, should you plan to use that photograph in marketing or publications (print or digital).

Photos taken by the university photographer and offered to academic or administrative units have already been cleared for use rights.

Non-Required Examples

A release is generally not required if UofL community members or others are:

  • photographed in a public space or at public events (athletic events, student activities, etc.)
  • photographed in a non-public environment but the primary focus is not recognizable (silhouette, blurred/out of focus)
  • UofL faculty or staff
  • invited to attend a group activity/event and chose to participate

Required Examples

A release is generally required if students or others (except UofL faculty/staff) are:

  • the primary focus of a photograph taken in a non-public space, are recognizable and have been recruited specifically to serve as subjects/models
  • under the age of 18

As a courtesy to subjects/models, you are encouraged to obtain a photo release/consent form in instances where an individual can be identified and is the primary focus of a specific photograph.

A sample release/consent form is available [PDF].

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