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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

The University of Louisville’s positioning represents the intersection between our noble purpose, our “why;” beliefs that personally resonate with our audiences; and cultural relevancy. At that intersection is a core human value we’ve identified to characterize our university and ensure our positioning is relevant, ownable, durable, meaningful, compelling and, ultimately, inspiring.

UofL’s core human value is the foundation that informs every element of our brand framework. It helps us articulate who and what we are in way that makes an emotional connection with our audiences and motivates them to take action.

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At UofL, our core value is vitality

Vitality is

  • A powerful, life-giving energy
  • Progressive, vibrant, dynamic and resilient
  • Thriving, flourishes in diverse environments
  • An impetus for change

Vitality in both the physical and mental sense refers to a feeling of aliveness. It is the antidote for apathy, weakness or decay. Vitality endures, radiating life and growth. As a result, it is the basis for creating meaningful connections with our audiences, enabling a human-centered approach to the development of strategic brand communications and experiences.

Vitality is not meant to be used externally. It is not a tagline, nor will the word regularly appear in our communications. Rather, it is the strategic center point that informs the voice, personality and content of our internal and external communications.

A university like ours, born of a city where diversity, inclusiveness and originality thrive, is a catalyst for vitality.

Our positioning statement is:
UofL is a vital ecosystem that creates thriving futures for students, our community and society.

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