Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites


Stationery (defined as branded letterhead, envelopes and business cards) of the University of Louisville shall only be used for official university business and is not permitted for personal, non-business use. University employees must exercise sound judgment in separating official and personal activities so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest, as well as the appearance of such conflicts, when communicating or representing themselves via university stationery.

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Current employees of the University of Louisville, as well as academic and administrative units and approved centers and institutes who have been determined by their supervisors as being in dutiful need are allowed to purchase official stationery from UofL Print & Mail Services.

Students, student assistants, interns, student organizations, alumni and retirees are not permitted use of official stationery. Students have the option of utilizing branded contact cards, available for purchase through Print & Mail Services

Exemptions and consideration for qualification may only be requested from the Creative Director in the Office of Communications & Marketing.

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The Office of Communications & Marketing designs the official stationery for the University of Louisville. Under no circumstances is an employee, other organizational unit of the University of Louisville or outside entity permitted to create different stationery.

The layout, proportions, typography and sizing have been carefully designed to accommodate a wide selection of uses and to present the University of Louisville in a strong, positive manner. It may not be possible, due to spatial constraints, to accommodate all desired degrees and professional titles/appointments on stationery layout. UofL Print & Mail Services reserves the right to decline a stationery order based on this policy.

No deviation to layout or design may occur without written permission from the Creative Director, Office of Communications & Marketing.

No graphic images, photographs or illustrations besides official university logos should be displayed on the stationery.

Stationery may not be co-branded (combining an official logo of the University of Louisville with another organization, within the university or outside) under any circumstances.

Stationery must be reproduced in full color at all times.

All logos, typography and color used in the official stationery must be in compliance with the university's branding policy, Policy OCM-1.02.

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Printing orders for university stationery must be coordinated through UofL Print & Mail Services in accordance with the printing policy and Kentucky Revised Statutes KRS57.011, KRS57.091 and KRS57.021.

Photocopied letterhead and electronic letterhead may not be used for communicating with external audiences. Electronic letterhead is intended strictly for digital uses (via email distribution) and may not be printed on desktop or campus printers/copiers. Only official letterhead may be used for hard-copy applications. Electronic letterhead may not be self-created and must be ordered from UofL Print & Mail Services. It is recommended that Microsoft document formats be exported as secure PDFs prior to transmission.

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