Exploring Majors

The University of Louisville has a team of advisors dedicated to students who are undecided in their major or who want to be admitted to an academic unit on campus that may have different admission criteria. The SSC Exploratory & Transition Advising office provides comprehensive, integrated career and academic advising and programming to students. If you are undecided or seeking admission to another unit, we recommend scheduling an appointment by calling (502) 852-7969.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/accountancy/

Overview: Considered “the language of business,” accounting is the accumulation, analysis, interpretation, and communication of information about an entity’s operating, investing, and financing activities. Much of the accumulation work is done by computers and related technology, professional accountants focus more on analyzing, interpreting and communicating the information to investors, creditors, managers and other decision makers.

Skills: Mathematics, computers, problem-solving, interpersonal communication, high ethical standards, attention to detail, critical thinking.

Possible Careers: Auditing, Forensic Accounting, International Accounting, Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Sales, Banking.

College of Arts & Sciences


Overview: Provides students with a solid foundation in the linguistic and cultural skills required to function successfully in the field of American Sign Language interpreting. Along with learning to communicate effectively in ASL, students will learn about the culture, heritage, and historical perspectives of the deaf community.

Skills: American Sign Language fluency, patience, teamwork, attention to detail, leadership.

Possible Careers: Interpreter, Translator, Government, Education, Social Work, Health Services.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/anthropology

Overview: Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human: from the study of culture and social relations, to human biology and evolution, to languages, to music, art and architecture, and to vestiges of human habitation. Anthropology includes four broad fields--cultural anthropology, linguistics, physical anthropology and archaeology.

Skills: Interpersonal communication, written communication, teamwork, analytical, leadership.

Possible Careers: Archaeologist, Teacher, Museum Administration, Urban Planning, Interpreter, Public Relations and Marketing, Photojournalism, Higher Education Administration.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/asianstudies

Overview: This is the study of Asia, home of 60 percent of the world's population, two of the largest economies in the world (China and Japan), and some of the most ancient civilizations (such as the Chinese and Indian). The United States trades more with Asia than with any other continent in the world, and this major can lead to numerous careers that relate to past and current cultures in Asia.

Skills: Critical thinking, analytical, written communication, oral communication, motivational.

Possible Careers: International Business, Law, Study Abroad Coordinator, Advocacy, Counseling, Public Relations, Management, Lobbyist, Journalism, Broadcasting.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/atmosphericscience/

Overview: This degree provides training to understand the natural forces that affect weather and climate and prepares a student for a job as a professional meteorologist or for graduate study in the field. The core courses of this program include introduction to weather analysis, atmospheric thermodynamics, physical meteorology, severe weather, dynamic meteorology, and synoptic meteorology.

Skills: Mathematics, physics, analytical, computers, independent, oral communication, research.

Possible Careers: Weather Forecasting, Weather Broadcasting, Climatology, Air Pollution Research, Hydrology, Oceanography, Teacher.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/bioengineering

Overview: A bioengineer uses traditional engineering skills and tools to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine. Bioengineers interact with biologists, biochemists, physicians, physiologists, and therapists to design, develop and manufacture instruments, devices, and software, or to develop new procedures to solve clinical problems.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, analytical, teamwork, computers, problem-solving, communication.

Possible Careers: Bioengineer, Medical Imaging, Food Processing, Emissions Control, Pharmaceuticals.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/biology

Overview: Biology is the study of life, from primitive single celled organisms to complex plants and animals, including humans. Biology includes the study of how organisms interact among themselves and with their environment, and how they have evolved to meet the challenges of these interactions. The BA degree is a liberal arts degree designed for students who desire a broad education in a variety of disciplines. The BS degree is an intense scientific degree program with three tracks: Genetics/Subcellular Biology, Cellular Biology/Physiology, and Ecology.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, laboratory research, analytical, teamwork, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Biologist, Medicine, Marine Biologist, Botanist, Food Science, Environmental Law, Pharmaceutical Sales, Education.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/chemical

Overview: Chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and economics to develop new processes and products and to improve existing processes. They translate scientists’ developments into large-scale production and apply chemistry and materials knowledge to a range of engineered products.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, computers, communication, attention to detail, interpersonal.

Possible Careers: Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Chemicals Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Cosmetics, Environmental Health and Safety.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/chemistry

Overview: Chemistry is of great importance in the disciplines of Biology, Geology, Physics, Engineering, Psychology, and Medicine. At UofL, the four curricula (BA and BS options) in chemistry are designed to give the student the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to become highly employable. BA and BS curricula adapted for pre-medical students are available and include concentrations in Biochemistry and Business.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, laboratory research, critical thinking, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Agricultural Production or Development, Experimental Design, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, Environmental Regulation, Metallurgist, Mining, Education, Scientific Journalism.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/civil

Overview: Civil engineers design and oversee the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, and tunnels. There is also a strong environmental component as they work with air quality, water resources, soil, and rock.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, analytical, communication, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Urban Planning, Water Resources, Civil Engineer, Construction, Telecommunications.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://comm.louisville.edu/department/index.php

Overview: The study of communication involves the study of language, relationships, institutions, social systems, and ways in which that knowledge can be used to better lives. UofL areas of concentration include: Strategic Communication, Journalism, Communication Technology, Media Studies, and Interpersonal Studies.

Skills: Written and oral communication, interpersonal, leadership, teamwork, motivational.

Possible Careers: Marketing, Business, Editing, Higher Education, Broadcasting, Law, Government Services, Non-Profit Administration, Publishing, Event Coordinator, Human Resources.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/computer

Overview: Computer engineers are involved in the design, construction, and operation of computers. They may specialize in hardware or software, artificial intelligence, data mining, computer forensics, etc.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, computers, attention to detail, analytical, teamwork, communication, interpersonal.

Possible Careers: Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Systems, Circuit Design, Computer Networking.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/cis/

Overview: The CIS major prepares students for managing information systems, developing web-based applications, and analyzing and refining business processes. All CIS majors receive a solid base in programming, database development, and systems prototyping. The major includes two concentration options: web development and information security.

Skills: Computers, mathematics, communication, leadership, interpersonal.

Possible Careers: Programming, Project Management, Software Design, Database Administration, Education, Technical Support, Website Development, Information Security.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/justice

Overview: This degree will provide you with a working knowledge of the entire criminal justice process (adult and juvenile) and the issues surrounding each portion of the process. The curriculum includes many significant criminal justice issues, including terrorism, cybercrime, homicide, and sex crimes.

Skills: Written and oral communication, working in diverse environments, clean driving and criminal record, research, computes.

Possible Careers: Corrections, Law Enforcement, Court Reporting, Loss Prevention, Private Investigation, Security, Education, Counseling.

School of Dentistry

Website: http://louisville.edu/dentistry/degrees/hygiene

Overview: UofL offers the only dental hygiene program in Kentucky housed within a school of dentistry. The BS program of UofL provides a comprehensive education to lead dental hygienists to success. The program’s superb facilities include the state-of-the-art simulation clinic which introduces and prepares students for treating real patients.

Skills: Critical thinking, problem-solving, natural sciences, interpersonal, attention to detail, patience, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Dental Hygienist, Health Promotion, Public Health Education.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/economics/

Overview: Economics is the social science that explores the fundamental problem of resource allocation and economic development. In studying macroeconomics, students will explore the causes of domestic economic growth, inflation, and unemployment in a global economy using models that explain the interaction of businesses, consumers, and government to determine national gross domestic product, prices, and employment. In studying microeconomics, students will explore the choices individual consumers and firms make between work and leisure, consumption and saving, and other situations that require trade-off.

Skills: Mathematics, communication, research, computers, organization, self-motivated, leadership.

Possible Careers: Law, Education, Management, Sales, Insurance, Financial Analysis, Economic Development.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/electrical

Overview: Electrical engineers deal with the behaviors of electric charges, electric and magnetic phenomena, and things energized by electricity. Some of the fields they work in are robotics, computer hardware, nanotechnology, communications, and energy and power distribution.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, critical thinking, analytical, problem-solving, leadership, communication.

Possible Careers: Electrical Technician, Control Systems, Bioelectronics, Power Systems, Digital Systems.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/english

Overview: Our offerings are broad and diverse and include literature courses extending from Chaucer and Shakespeare to African-American and post-colonial literatures, courses in Linguistics and Literary theory, as well as a range of writing courses, such as Advanced Composition, Creative Writing, Technical and Business Writing, and the Teaching of Writing. Students take classes across a range of literatures written in English with at least one class from each of the historical divisions of literature: pre-1700, 1700-1900, and post-1900.

Skills: Written and oral communication, research, reading, critical thinking, attention to detail.

Possible Careers: Creative Writing, Journalism, Technical or Science Writing, Advertising, Marketing, Editing, Education, Public Relations, Fundraising, Management, Human Resources, Law.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/equine/

Overview: Operating in the shadow of historic Churchill Downs and surrounded by thoroughbred traditions, the University of Louisville Equine Industry Program offers the only AACSB International accredited business degree in the world with an equine major. UofL has the only four-year equine-oriented degree program that focuses exclusively on the "business of horses," including business management of such enterprises as associations, broadcasting media, disciplines, events, facilities, farms, practices, publications, racetracks, and stables.

Skills: Mathematics, communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Farm Management, Racetrack Administration, Equine Insurance, Journalism, Marketing, Education.

College of Education and Human Development

Website: http://louisville.edu/education/degrees/departments/hss

Overview: Exercise Science is the study of health, wellness, fitness, human movement, nutrition, and rehabilitation. Coursework can prepare students to continue their studies in graduate programs for Physical Therapy and similar medical-related fields.

Skills: Natural sciences (especially biology), teamwork, interpersonal, communication, motivational.

Possible Careers: Health Education, Physical Therapy, Food Planning, Nutritionist, Weight Management, Athletic Director, Personal Training.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/finance/

Overview: Finance is the science of money using theory, quantitative methods, data, and financial knowledge of products, processes and knowledge. It includes an understanding of how people, organizations, markets, and countries generate and transfer wealth; how they raise, spend, and invest capital; and how they build value for their clients, employers, and families.

Skills: Mathematics, critical thinking, written communication, computers, interpersonal, organization.

Possible Careers: Corporate Finance, Payroll Management, Risk Management, Investment Banking, Personal Financial Planning, Real Estate, Money Management, Accounting.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/art

Overview: As the most comprehensive Fine Arts program in the state of Kentucky, we offer majors the opportunity to earn a BA or BFA in a variety of disciplines. Areas of study include art history, ceramics, critical & curatorial studies, drawing, fiber, glass, graphic design, interior design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Skills: Creative, artistic, writing, research, networking, maintaining portfolio of work, independent.

Possible Careers: Museums, Education, Fine Arts, Graphic Art, Illustration, Branding, Journalism, Photography, Fashion, Art Sales, Product Design.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/french

Overview: A French major provides students with a greatly enriched view of the world around them as well as French language skills that will prove useful in many professional occupations. With its emphases on research, writing and creative and analytical thought, the French major prepares students for graduate studies in French and many professional schools.

Skills: Fluency in French, critical thinking, written and oral communication, leadership.

Possible Careers: Education, Law, Interpreting, Business, Tourism, Study Abroad, Social Work, Publisher.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/geography

Overview: The Department of Geography and Geosciences educates students to view the world in a spatial and time dependent context to determine relationships between people and their immediate and global environment. The department introduces students to the discipline through courses in social geography, physical geography and the global environment. Course topics include climatology, environmental hazards, urban geography and more.

Skills: Analytical, natural sciences, communication, teamwork, attention to detail, research.

Possible Careers: Meteorology, Hydrology, Emergency Management, Conservation, Historic Preservation, Population Geography, Real Estate Development, Tourism Planning, City Planning, GIS, Surveying, Education.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/history

Overview:The Department introduces students to the history of societies around the world, helping them to acquire knowledge about those societies, to think critically about the processes that shape the human experience, and to communicate effectively about what they have learned.

Skills: Written and oral communication, reading, networking, leadership, research, critical thinking.

Possible Careers: Public Policy, Law Enforcement, Politics, Law, Nonprofit Administration, Public Relations, Archivist, Curator, Teaching, Higher Education Administration, Business, Publishing.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/humanities

Overview: The humanities have shaped our perception of reality, defined our understanding of humanity and built the intellectual and spiritual framework of our civilization. The study of the humanities is an interdisciplinary process that is fundamental to developing a conscious awareness of what it means to be human, to share in a common humanity and to be engaged in lifelong learning.

Skills: Written and oral communication, critical thinking, reading, research, teamwork, interpersonal.

Possible Careers: Education Administration, Community Education, Humanitarian Services, Fundraising, Counseling, Journalism, Museum Work, Law, Management, Travel and Tourism, Sales, Marketing.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/industrial

Overview: Industrial engineers are efficiency experts who organize manpower, information, and machinery with the idea of decreasing time and energy. Specific areas within the IE field include facility layout, material handling systems, production planning and scheduling, ergonomics and human factors, logistics and distribution, operations research, math modeling and optimization, inventory analysis, engineering ergonomics, work design, computer simulation, and more.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, computers, written and oral communication, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Project Management, Quality Improvement, Strategic Planning, Engineering Management, Manufacturing Systems, Financial Engineering.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/latinamericanstudies

Overview: The Latin American and Latino Studies Program (LALS) promotes an understanding of the complex issues and realities of the diverse peoples and cultures of Latin America and the United States. The program also enhances students’ abilities to participate in the global community.

Skills: Written and oral communication, multilingual, organization, research, teamwork, leadership.

Possible Careers: Higher Education, Interpreting, Humanitarian Services, Advocacy, Public Relations, Counseling, Social Work, International Business, Law, Immigration Services, Journalism.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/liberalstudies

Overview: The College of Arts and Sciences offers eligible students the opportunity to form a tailor-made degree that differs substantially from those offered by single-discipline departments. Candidates for the Individualized Major first define a goal, then choose interrelated blocks of study that support the goal. The formal written proposal gives students the opportunity to discuss their individualized curricular choices and relate them to their plans for the future. Although our majors’ interests are diverse, the unifying element is the individualized composition of each degree plan.

Skills: Organization, leadership, critical thinking, communication, research.

Possible Careers: (Depends on your individual program) Medicine, Law, Higher Education, Military Leadership, Sustainability, Cultural Research, Human Rights Advocacy, Business.

College of Business

Website: http://business.louisville.edu/marketing/

Overview: Advertising. Promotion. Retailing. Product development. Branding. Personal selling. In very real terms, it’s the business of business. Marketing is the revenue-generating part of an organization. To successfully market goods and services, an organization must anticipate and meet consumers’ needs in a manner that achieves organizational goals.

Skills: Interpersonal, written and oral communication, mathematics, motivated, leadership, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Sales, Customer Service, Brand Management, Market Research, Purchasing, Social Media Management, Marketing, Event Planning, Human Resources, Banking, Insurance Sales.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://math.louisville.edu/

Overview: Course work for mathematics majors provide them with an integrated view of mathematics, its history and current activity, and the opportunity to participate in the challenge and excitement of mathematical discovery. The mathematics degree is a very solid foundation for further study in graduate programs including Math, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and more.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, computers, communication, attention to detail, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Computer Programming, Higher Education, Teaching, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, Banking, Purchasing, Sales.

Speed School of Engineering

Website: http://louisville.edu/speed/mechanical

Overview: Mechanical engineers design products that have moving parts and predict their performance under operating conditions that may involve pressure, fluids, and extreme temperatures. They are members of most design teams including those in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, analytical, teamwork, communication.

Possible Careers: Machine Design, Systems Design, Manufacturing, Energy Conversion.

School of Music

Website: http://louisville.edu/music

Overview: The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a flexible degree option which allows students to combine a major in music with a strong liberal arts program, including, if desired, a second major or minor in a non-music field. The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree with a strong emphasis on specialized areas of music. Students can specialize in Instrumental Performance, Jazz Performance, Music Composition, Music Education (certification or pre-certification), Music History, Music Therapy, Music and New Media, Piano Performance, and Piano Performance with a concentration in Piano Pedagogy or Vocal Performance.

Skills: Musical talent, communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity.

Possible Careers: Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance, Education, Conducting, Music Composing, Broadcasting, Audio Technician, Business, Music Therapy, Law.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: louisville.edu/neuroscience-bs

Overview: The Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (BS in Neuroscience) is an interdisciplinary degree with a STEM+Health focus. Students achieve an in-depth understanding of nervous system function, from the molecular level to the cognitive sciences, and become familiar with the techniques used to measure nervous system function from the cellular level to the whole brain. Graduates of this program are poised for careers in a wide variety of areas, including neuroscience and health-related fields, the social sciences, and the biological sciences.

Skills: Natural sciences, mathematics, written and oral communication, teamwork, critical thinking.

Possible Careers: Doctor, Veterinarian, Psychologist, Dentistry, Research, Law, Marketing, Education, Journalism.

School of Nursing

Website: http://louisville.edu/nursing

Overview: The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program with tiered admission into lower division (pre-professional courses) and upper division (professional nursing courses). Faculty have designed a curriculum in which students take two years of pre-professional general studies in lower division before beginning the nursing clinical courses in upper division. Admission to the upper division is highly competitive. The curriculum emphasizes life skills for nursing that are used in all courses.

Skills: Natural sciences, mathematics, communication, critical thinking, interpersonal, motivational, patience, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Staff Nursing, Emergency Care, Public Health Education, Health Promotion, Case Management, Specialized Nursing.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/panafricanstudies/

Overview: Pan-African Studies (PAS) is the study of the societies and cultures of Africa and persons of African ancestry, both past and present. Pan-Africanist scholars use current social science and humanistic research tools to study African people from their earliest appearance in Africa to their present day dispersal throughout the world.

Skills: Oral and written communication, critical thinking, leadership, organization, motivational, research.

Possible Careers: Teaching, Higher Education, Counseling, Crisis Services, Advocacy, Management, Marketing, Journalism, Museum Work, Law, Diversity Training, Civil Rights.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/philosophy

Overview: Philosophy is both the study of fundamental human questions and the exercise of clear reasoning. Philosophy examines our culture’s basic concepts, e.g. the concepts of freedom, justice, art, truth, and moral obligation. Specialized areas of philosophy such as aesthetics, philosophy of mind, medical ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of science give us a deeper understanding of work in other disciplines. Philosophy also addresses contemporary issues, including environmental policy, ethical problems in business and medicine, movements for social justice, and the development of artificial intelligence.

Skills: Written and oral communication, reading, research, analytical, critical thinking, logic, high ethical standards.

Possible Careers: Education, Bioethics, Law, Human Resources, Writing/Editing, Mission Work, Ministries, Public Relations, Regional Planning, Law Enforcement, Journalism.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://physics.louisville.edu/

Overview: Physics encompasses the entire range of physical phenomena as its domain, from the study of the most fleeting elementary particles to the structure of our universe. The core courses of the physics program include classical mechanics, thermal physics, electromagnetic fields, quantum mechanics, and elective topics that may include solid state physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, astrophysics, general relativity, etc.

Skills: Mathematics, natural sciences, problem-solving, critical thinking, laboratory research.

Possible Careers: Astrophysics, Education, Research and Development in various forms of Physics (Nuclear, Optical, Particle, Medical), Engineering, Environmental Consulting.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/politicalscience

Overview: The University of Louisville offers three undergraduate degree programs in political science: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science in Law and Public Policy, and the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. The curriculum is designed to cultivate an understanding of politics, group processes, and organizational dynamics in the United States, in nations around the globe, and in international relations.

Skills: Written and oral communication, critical thinking, computers, logic, analytical, high ethical standards.

Possible Careers: Law, Journalism, Lobbying, Business, Campaigning, Activism, Non-Profit Administration, Education, Government, Public Relations, Marketing.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/artsandsciences/advising/student-services/pre-health

Overview: There is no one specific undergraduate major that leads to Medical School. Once you have determined what Medical School you would like to attend, check their website for admission criteria and be sure to meet the requirements. A competitive GPA, completed pre-requisites, and high MCAT scores are some of the things that impact your admission into Medical School. You can choose any major you are interested in for Medical School, as long as you complete the required pre-requisite courses. Although Biology is commonly chosen, so are majors like Psychology, Chemistry, and English.

Skills: Natural sciences, written and oral communication, attention to detail, teamwork, self-motivated, competitive GPA, working in diverse environments, patience, research.

Possible Careers: Doctor, Veterinarian, Pharmacy, Speech Pathologist, Public Health, Dentistry, Nutrition, Research.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: pending

Overview: There is no one specific undergraduate major that leads to Law School. Once you have determined what Law School you would like to attend, check their website for admission criteria and be sure to meet the requirements. A competitive GPA and LSAT scores are two of the most important things to get admitted to Law School. You can choose any major you are interested in; although Political Science is common, many students take courses in Philosophy, English, Business, etc.

Skills: Written and oral communication, leadership, critical thinking, analytical, teamwork, interpersonal, high ethical standards, self-motivated, competitive GPA.

Possible Careers: Attorney, Business, Education, Public Defense, Government, Politics.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/psychology

Overview: Psychological & Brain Sciences is an exciting and rapidly developing branch of science that addresses enduring questions about mind and behavior, using empirical and quantitative research methods ranging from the standard survey to computer simulation and brain imaging. Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including cognition and learning, child development, aging, personality, abnormal behavior, social and forensic psychology, and neuroscience.

Skills: Communication, critical thinking, interpersonal, research, teamwork, math and sciences for BS or Natural Sciences concentration.

Possible Careers: Counseling, Therapy, Management, Advocacy, Research, Teaching, Higher Education Administration, Human Resources, Business, Marketing, Sales.

School of Public Health

Website: http://louisville.edu/sphis

Overview: Public Health is the science of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and researching disease and injury prevention. As a field, public health is focused on protecting the health of entire populations.

Skills: Critical thinking, written and oral communication, research, analytical, biology, motivational.

Possible Careers: Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Urban Planning, Health Education, Social Marketing, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Food Inspections, Health Policy.

Kent School of Social Work

Website: http://louisville.edu/kent

Overview: Social work is the profession that promotes or restores the relationships between people and their environment in order to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, communities, or organizations. Working with individuals, families, small groups, communities, or organizations social workers are viewed as caring individuals who strive to enhance personal competencies, facilitate connections between people and their access to necessary social supports, advocate on behalf of society’s disenfranchised minorities, and create social service organizations that are responsive to human needs.

Skills: Critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, listening, empathy, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Clinical Social Work, Child Welfare, Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Advocacy, Counseling, School Social Work, Volunteer Coordinator, Education, Disaster Relief.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/sociology

Overview: Sociology is the study of social life and how social characteristics affect attitudes, actions, and opportunities. Since all human behavior is social, the topics in sociology address both domestic and global issues, including collective behavior/social movements, crime and deviance, environment, families, gender, health/healthcare, leisure/sport/recreation, public policy, race, sexualities, social class, and urban life. Knowledge gained through a sociology degree can help inform social policy and affect social change. Sociology students are those interested in facing the most challenging social issues, how society influences and is influenced by them, and how to bring about change.

Skills: Critical thinking, written and oral communication, teamwork, research, attention to detail.

Possible Careers: Social Services, Law, Business, Child Welfare, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Education, International Relations, Higher Education Administration, Counseling, Government, Demographics, Human Resources.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/spanish

Overview: A Spanish major provides students with a greatly enriched view of the world around them as well as Spanish language skills that will prove useful in many professional occupations. With its emphases on research, writing and creative and analytical thought, the Spanish major prepares students for graduate studies in Spanish and most professional schools, including law, business, education, and medicine.

Skills: Spanish fluency, written and oral communication, leadership, interpersonal, critical thinking.

Possible Careers: Interpreting, Education, Social Work, Law Enforcement, Law, Management, Healthcare, Human Resources.

College of Education and Human Development

Website: http://louisville.edu/education/departments/hss/spad

Overview: Sport administration is the business side of sport. Sport managers deal with all of the business aspects surrounding sport organizations and sporting events such as leadership, organizational behavior, marketing, finance, law, facility management, event management, and promotion.

Skills: Written and oral communication, leadership, teamwork, sports interest, interpersonal, motivational.

Possible Careers: Facilities Manager, Coaching, Sports Marketing, Management, Event Planning, Sports Broadcasting.

College of Arts & Sciences


Overview: The B.A. in Sustainability is an interdisciplinary degree program with the College of Arts and Sciences that examines interrelated environmental, political, economic, and social issues and problems facing our society at local, regional, and global scales. The goal of the degree is to prepare students to engage with these issues on multiple levels in the workplace and in their community so that collaborative solutions can be found. The curriculum is designed to educate, train and prepare students for future careers in sustainability‐related endeavors that include: the environment, energy, climate change, public policy, transportation, and urban and regional planning.

Skills: Written and oral communication, critical thinking, teamwork, knowledge of related laws and policies, technology.

Possible Careers: Law, Education, Planning and Conservation, Government, Waste Management, Environmental Compliance, Sustainability Officer, Business.

College of Education and Human Development

Website: http://louisville.edu/education

Overview: The Teacher Education Program prepares teachers for working with students from diverse backgrounds in urban and rural settings. Students who choose to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Early Elementary Education or Middle/Secondary Education will apply for Kentucky certification at the end of their undergraduate program. Each student will choose a teaching track of focus.

Skills: Written and oral communication, critical thinking, patience, leadership, teamwork, creativity.

Possible Careers: Elementary School Teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher, Special Education, Tutoring Services, Teaching Administration, Higher Education, Curriculum Development, Sales, Customer Service, Non-Profit Administration.

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/theatrearts

Overview: The ancient art of theatre is most fully understood and exists at its deepest and most intimate level through the creation of performances shared with an audience. Doing so demands a deep array of knowledge and skill combined with a professional attitude and work ethic that can serve students throughout their lives in whatever profession they choose. UofL has the only African American

Theatre Program (AATP) in the country.

Skills: Communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity, critical thinking, self-motivated, networking.

Possible Careers: Stage Performance, Television, Radio, Directing, Set Design, Stage Management, Costume Design, Playwriting, Journalism, Promotions, Business, Education, Marketing,

College of Arts & Sciences

Website: http://louisville.edu/wgs

Overview: Women's and Gender Studies is the interdisciplinary examination of women and gender across cultures and epochs. Women's and Gender Studies addresses significant omissions in traditional scholarship by examining the history, contributions and accomplishments of women and by studying the ways gender has structured intellectual and social life. It calls attention to how issues of gender intersect with other structures of power such as race, class, and sexualities.

Skills: Written and oral communication, research, critical thinking, interpersonal, leadership, teamwork.

Possible Careers: Law, Business, Healthcare, Counseling, Education, Social Work, Human Resources, Journalism, Non-profit Administration.