Faculty & Department Advisors

Meeting with faculty (professors) in your major department is integral to your success at UofL. Faculty are the experts in their fields and advise and mentor students as an important component of their teaching. By serving as guides and mentors, faculty provide effective direction so students can maximize their educational opportunities and make critical decisions regarding education, career, and life goals.

The following list includes topics you should be discussing with your department (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Internships
  • Research, Independent Study, and community opportunities
  • How courses in the major align with your interests and goals
  • Any major or supporting course substitutions
  • Scholarships opportunities in the department and discipline
  • Graduate programs
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Career opportunities in the field
  • Professional organizations

Below you can find the designated faculty members for each department:

Please call main line for advisor listing, 852-6771

Dr. Rick Baldwin 852-5892 richard.baldwin@louisville.edu

Ms. Kim Hendricks 852-0373 mkkosh01@louisville.edu

English Advising EngAdv@louisville.edu.

Ms. Theresa Berbet 852-6147 tmberb01@louisville.edu

Dr. John McLeod 852-6817 john.mcleod@louisville.edu

Dr. Natalie Polzer 852-3406 natalie.polzer@louisville.edu

Dr. Ranen Omer-Sherman 852-6842 ranen.omersherman@louisville.edu

Matt Church, For appointments: 852-5502, other inquiries: 852-1326, mschur01@louisville.edu

Dr. Ewa Kubicka 852-6021 emkubi01@louisville.edu

Dr. Jason Naylor (852-5190) jason.naylor@louisville.edu

Maj. Philip Duff, 852-7902, philip.duff@louisville.edu

Dr. Paul DeMarco 852-0788 paul.demarco@louisville.edu

Dr. Brandon McCormack 852-5505 b.mccormack@louisville.edu

Matt Church, For appointments: 852-5502, other inquiries: 852-1326, mschur01@louisville.edu

Dr. Timothy Dowling (852-3927) timothy.dowling@louisville.edu

Dr. Judith Danovitch (852-4781) j.danovitch@louisville.edu

Dr. Natalie Polzer 852-3406 ncpolz01@louisville.edu

Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards 852-0080 bcdaws01@louisville.edu

Dr. Jonetta Weber 852-8028

Dr. Matthew Ruther (852-8151) mhruth01@louisville.edu

Dr. Matthew Ruther (852-8151) mhruth01@louisville.edu